Written reports should be about 20 pages long.  Plan on 20 minutes for your oral presentation.  This should not be just a show and tell, nor the result of reading a single authorative, technical article.  You will be required present a technical topic in a way that you understand it, and not focussed entirely on detail, to an audience essentially unfamiliar with the technical details of your topic.

Suggested topics

The inflationary theory of primordial cosmological perturbations Sanjib Katuwal
Cosmology: Role of gravitation in large scale structure Karolina Garcia
Newman-Penrose spinor formalism
Post-Newtonian Theory July Thomas
Cosmology: Big bang nucleosynthesis and the role of neutrinos Jennica LeClerc
Holographic theory on the cosmological scale 
viability, constraints and implications
Theory and detection of primordial gravitational waves Ioannis Michaloliakos
Gravitational waves from throughout the universe: implications for measurement Atul Divakarla
Spinning black hole mergers Luis Ortega
Hamiltonian formulation of general relativity
Black hole pertubation theory Nathaniel Strauss
Black hole stability: theory and results Suzanne Rosenzweig
Gravitational waves
sources and rates for LIGO
Gravitational waves
sources and rates for LISA Soham Kulkarni
Conserved quantities in general relativity
Black hole thermodynamics Grant Elliot
Numerical relativity methods
Initial value formulation Yang Yang
Black hole perturbations
Recent numerical relativity results
Holographic theory, and emergent gravity as an entropic force Corey Bathurst
The Hubble constant: discrepant "measurements"? Brendan O'Brien