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Bossart, Elizabeth Chair: Thomas Mareci "Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for the Study of Translational Diffusion: Applications to Nervous Tissue"
Irges, Nikolaos Chair: Pierre Ramond "Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for the Study of Translational Diffusion: Applications to Nervous Tissue"
LaVeigne, Joseph Chair: David Tanner "Time resolved infrared spectroscopy at the NSLS U12IR beamline"
Majumdar, Kingshuk Chair: Selman Hershfield "Study of Transport Properties in Magnetic Nanostructures"
Pilla, Subrahmanyam Chair: Neil Sullivan "Electric-Field Induced Glass Phase in Molecular Solids at Low Temperatures"
Moore, Sean Chair: John Graybeal "Optical properties of lamellar copper oxides with in-plane magnetic and charged impurities"
Yang, Lei Chair: E. Raymond Andrew Co-Chair: Thomas Mareci "Diffusion Tensor Imaging and the Measurement of Diffusion Tensors in Biological Systems"
Zheng, Jiu Chair: John Yelton "Studies of charmed baryons decaying to lambda+C (n pi)"


Bailes, Allison Chair: Elizabeth Seiberling "Flat or Lumpy: Surface Structure and Growth Modes in Silicon-Germanium Epitaxy"
Granroth, Garrett Chair: Mark Meisel "Experimental Studies of Integer Spin Antiferromagnetic Chains"
Garrett, Andrew Chair: Steven Nagler "Low dimensional magnetic exchange in vanadyl pyrosphosphate and vanadyl hydrogen phospate hemihydrate"
Kanev, Youli Chair: Richard Field "Application of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms in High Energy Physics"
Rubin, Andrew Chair: John Klauder "The comparative roles of connected and disconnected trajectories in the evaluation of the semiclassical coherent-state propagator"
Thomas, Steve Chair: Greg Stewart "An Investigation of Some Unusual Single Crystals of the Heavy Fermion Superconductor UBe13"
Yi, Zhigang Chair: David Micha "Computational aspects of the quantum molecular dynamics of adsorbates"


Blecken, Carsten Chair: Khandker Muttalib "Disordered Conductors in a Random Matrix Formulation and the Connection to Complex Systems"
Genio, Edgar Chair: Neil Sullivan "Low Temperature Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Studies of Antimony and Application of Thermometry"
Haynes, Donald Chair: Charles Hooper "Analysis of hot dense plasmas and consideration of Stark broadening theory applied to transitions involving continuum radiator wave functions"
Jones, Michael Chair: James Fry "Large-Scale Structure of the Universe: Simulation and Statistics"
Lee, Namkyoung Chair: Sergei Obukhov "Conformational properties of polymers
Li, Jianzhong Chair: Christopher Stanton "Electronic, optical and transport properties of widegap II-VI semiconductors"
Liu, Hsiang-Lin Chair: David Tanner "Effects of High Magnetic Field and Substitutional Doping on Optical Properties of Cuprate Superconductors"
Moyland, Paul Chair: Yasumasa Takano "Nuclear magnetism and negative temperatures in silver"
Ni, Wenhua Chair: Thomas Mareci Co-Chair: Edward Andrews "Design of Novel RF Coils for Signal-to-Noise Ratio Improvement in NMR"
Tache, Nacira Chair: David Tanner "Infrared and Optical Studies of Rare Earth Substitutions in High Temperature Superconductors"
Tayebnejad, Mohammad Chair: Richard Field "Application of neural networks in high energy physics"


Ahmad, Ejaz Chair: James Ipser "The Spacetime Manifold of a Rotating Star"
Boshart, Mark Chair: Elizabeth Seiberling "A Channeled Ion Energy Loss Study of the Surfactant-Mediated Growth of GE ON SI(100)"
Hettler, Matthias Chair: Peter Hirschfeld "Impurities in Metals and Superconductors"
Kim, Kiho Chair: Neil Sullivan "NMR Studies of the Orientational Behavior of Quantum Solid Hydrogen Films Adsorbed on Boron Nitride"
Lang, Tien Tu Chair: Dwight Adams "Direct nuclear demagnetization of high density body-centered-cubic (BCC) and hexagonial-close-packed (HCP) solid 3He"
Lee, Mirim Chair: Jim Dufty "Uniform shear flow far from equilibrium"
Mikaelian, Samuel Chair: Charles Thorn "Phenomenological Aspects of the Standard Model: High Energy QCD, Renormalization, and a Supersymmetric Extension"


Borkowski, Lech Chair: Peter Hirschfeld "Impurities in Unconventional Superconductors"
Davies, Chad Chair: James Hunter "Numerical modeling of large N galactic disk systems"
Kim, Jaewan Chair: Pierre Sikivie "Small Scale Structure on Relativistic Strings"
Kim, Weonwoo Chair: Greg Stewart "Doping Experiments on Magnetic Heavy Fermion Superconductors"
Miyamoto, Satoru Chair: Yasumasa Takano "Torsion Pendulum Studies of 4He in Nanopores"
Rodriguez, Jorge Chair: Paul Avery "Exclusive Two Body Decays of the Bottom Meson"
Tome, Wolfgang Chair: John Klauder "Quantization and Representation Independent Propagators"
Tulsian, Gajendra Chair: John Klauder "Bicoherent States and Path Integrals for Systems with First-Class Constraints"
Willmes, David Chair: Henry Kandrup "The effect of noise in chaotic galactic potentials"
Yoon, Young-Duck Chair: David Tanner "Optical Properties of Doped Cuprates and Related Materials"


Beksic, Dario Chair: David Micha "Electronically Diabatic Photodesorption of Molecules Adsorbed on Metal Surfaces"
Brey, William Chair: E. Raymond Andrew "Novel Techniques for Pulsed Field Gradient NMR Measurements"
Duensing, George Chair: E. Raymond Andrew "Signal-to-Noise Ratio Improvement in NMR via Reciever Hardware Optimization"
Evans, Morgan Chair: Neil Sullivan "Orientational and Translational Properties of Hydrogen Films Adsorbed onto Boron Nitride"
Grant, Mark Chair: Elizabeth Seiberling "Heteroepitaxial Dimer Structures on the Silicon(100) Surface"
Lee, James Chair: John Klauder "The Complex Langevin Equation"
Ni, Wenhai Chair: Dwight Adams "Melting pressure thermometry and magnetically order solid 3He"
Quijada, Manuel Chair: David Tanner "Anisotropy in the Infrared, Optical, and Transport Properties of High Temperature Superconductors"
Rubio, Jose Chair: Richard Woodard "Reduced Hamiltonians"
Shi, Qingbiao Chair: Andrew Cumming "The Kinetics of Surface-Mediated Phase Separation in the Quasi-binary Mixture of Quaiacol-Glycerol-Water"
Signore, Philippe Chair: Mark Meisel "Inductive Measurements of Heavy Fermion Superconductors"
Zhu, Cheng-Jun Chair: John Klauder "Singular Dynamics in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory"


Arason, Haukur Chair: Pierre Ramond "Renormalization Group Analysis of the Standard Model, the Minimal Supersymmetric Extension of the Standard Model, and the standard model, and the effective action"
Carbon, Steve Chair: Charles Thorn "Sister Trajectories in String Theory"
Castana, Diego Chair: Pierre Ramond "Renormalization Group Study of the Minimal Supersymmetric Extension of the Standard Model with Broken Supersymmetry"
Chacon, Monique Chair: Michael Zerner "The reduced-expended space method applied to electronic spectroscopy"
Keszthelyi, Bettina Chair: Pierre Ramond "Gravitational Models in 2 + 1 Dimension with Topological Terms and Thermo-Field Dynamics of Black Holes"
Piard, Eric Chair: Pierre Ramond "Minimal Supersymmetry Extension of the Standard Model of Elementary Particles: A Renormalization Group Approach"
Runge, Keith Chair: David Micha "Time-Dependent Many-Electron Theory of Atomic Interactions"
Zhang, Junqing Chair: Steven Nagler "High resolution x-ray scattering study of the charge density waves in quasi-one-dimensional K0.3Mo03"


Diz, Agustin Chair: Yngve Öhrn "Phosphorus-31 NMR Spectroscopy of Human Osteosarcoma Cell Lines Implanted into Nude Mice: The Feasibility of Early Diagnosis of Chemotherapy Response and Resistance"
Gao, Feng Chair: David Tanner "Temperature Dependence of Infrared and Optical Properties of High Temperature Superconductors"
Kim, Jung Soo Chair: Greg Stewart "Doping Experiments in Heavy Fermion Superconductors"
Wright, Brian Chair: Pierre Ramond "Renormalization Group Analysis of the Standard Model and Its Minimal Supersymmetric Extension"


Feng, Qun Chair: David Micha "A Time-Dependent Molecular Orbital Approach to Ion- Solid Surface Collisions"
Kilcrease, David Chair: Charles Hooper "Higher order microfield effects on spectral line broadening in dense plasmas"
Kleppe, Gary Chair: Pierre Ramond "Reparametrization Invariant Operators in String Field Theory"
Rall, Markus Chair: Neil Sullivan "NMR Studies of Molecular Hydrogen Confined to the Pores of Zeolite"
Ruamsuwan, Laddawan Chair: James Fry "Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Nonlinear Gravitational Clustering"


Blackburn, James Chair: Steven Detweiler Co-Chair: James Ipser "The Spiralling Binary Systems of Black Holes"
Chu, Mei-Fang Chair: Charles Thorn "Operator Methods in Superstring Theory"
Hagmann, Christian Chair: Neil Sullivan "A Search for Cosmic Ions"
Harkless, Curtis Chair: Steven Nagler "An X-ray scattering study of ordering in block copolymers"
McCarty, Tom Chair: Pierre Ramond "A Collection of Theoretical Problems in High Energy Physics"
Shannon, Robert Chair: Steven Nagler "A time-resolved x-ray scattering study of the ordering kinetics in Cu3Au"
Sun, Yuanshan Chair: Peter Wolfle Co-Chair: Chris Stanton "Matrix method of solution for coupled Boltzmann equations and its applications to superfluid 3He and semiconductors"
Woo, Hyung-Suk Chair: David Tanner "Optical Properties of Segmented and Oriented Polyacetylene"
Zhou, Dawei Chair: Neil Sullivan "Quantum Tunneling in Solid Hydrogen"


Back, Christina Chair: Charles Hooper "Resonance Fluorescence in a Laser-Produced AL XII Plasma"
Kim, Chang Chair: James Dufty "Boundary Value Problems in Nonequilibrium Fluids"
Seo, Jae Chair: John Rowe "Electron Scattering Studies of Surface Phonon-Plasmon Modes of Semiconductors"
Viswanathan, Raju Chair: Pierre Ramond "Reparametrizations in String Field Theory"
Vuille, Charles Chair: James Ipser "Dynamics of Thin Walls in Space-Times with Stress-Energy"
Whitlock, Laura Chair: James Ipser "Long-term Oberservations of Three Massive X-Ray Binary Transients: 4U0115+63, V0332+53, and GX301-2"


Da Silva, Rica Advisor: Gerard Emch "Classical Dynamics in Curved Space Dynamical Groups, C.C.R. and Geometric Quantization"
Engel, Bradley Chair: Gary Ihas "Ultrasound and nuclear magnetism in bulk and confined liquid helium-3"
Hong, Deog Chair: Pierre Ramond "A Geometrical Approach in String Field Theory"
Huang, Ming Chair: Eugene Dunnam
Lin, Ying Chair: Neil Sullivan "Theory of Nuclear Magnetism of Solid Hydrogen at Low Temperatures"
Mendez-Placido, Ruben Chair: Arthur Broyles "An Approximate Vertex Amplitude from the Schwinger-Dyson Equations of Quantum Electrodynamics"
Srivastava, Deepak Chair: David Micha "Photodynamics of Extended Polyatomic Systems"


Mao, Jintong Chair: Raymond Andrew "Selective Radio Frequency Pulses by Optimal Control"
Ruiz, Martin Chair: Pierre Ramond
Tang, Yi Hua Chair: Dwight Adams "Magnetic ordering of bcc solid 3He at melting pressure"
Wilson, Brian Chair: Charles Hooper "The electron liquid at any degeneracy"


Joyce, Robert Chair: Charles Hooper "Asymmetries in plasma line broadening"
Kim, Young Chair: David Tanner "Far-infrared Absorption by Small Particles"
Lutsko, James Chair: Jim Dufty "Nonequilibrium fluctuations and transport in sheared fluids"
Spencer, Gregory Chair: Gary Ihas "Nuclear Magnetism and Flow in Normal and Superfluid 3He at low pressures in confined geometries"
Yang, Xiao Qing Chair: David Tanner "Optical and Electronic Properties of Heavily-Doped Polyacetylene"


Phillpot, Simon Chair: Pradeep Kumar "Adiabatic Nonlinear Dynamics in Models of Quasi-One-Dimensional Conjugate Polymers"


Delamater, Norman Chair: Charles Hooper "Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Laser Produced Plasmas"
Garland, Gregory Chair: James Dufty "First Density Correction to the Transport Coefficients for a Square Well Gas: Temperature Dependence and Bound State Effects"
Haskins, Penelope Chair: Eugene Dunnam "Nuclear Spectroscopy Studies of SR"
Schippnick, Paul Chair: Alex Green "Time Dependent Diffusion Kinetics for an Electron Beam Incident in Water Vapor"


Berg, Robert Chair: Gary Ihas "Dispersion of 5 MHZ Zero Sound in Superfluid 3He Near Tc"
Pesnell, William Chair: Robert Buchler "Thermal Effects in Stellar Pulsations"


Crowley, Michael Chair: James Brookeman "Quantum Effects in Isotopically Mixed Crystals of Hydrogen Chloride and Deuterium Chloride in the Ferroelectric Phase"
Marchetti, Maria Chair: James Dufty "Fluctuations in Systems Far from Equilibrium"
Woltz, Lawerence Chair: Charles Hooper "Stark Broadening in Laser-Produced Plasmas: Full Coulomb Calculation"


Christoph, Garrott Chair: Raymond Pepinsky "Fluctuating and Deterministic Intramolecular Motion in Proteins"
Iglesias, Carlos Chair: Charles Hooper "The calculation of electric microfield distributions"
Vilallonga, Eduardo Chair: David Micha "Energy Transfer in Molecular Collisions"


Burdick, Stephen Chair: Arthur Broyles "Metallic Hydrogen--A Two-Body Approach to Band Theory and a Quatum Mechanical Test of Diophantine Methods"
Doda, David Chair: Alex Green Co-Chair: Charles Hooper "Surface Reflectance Measurements in the Ultraviolet from an Airborne Platform"
Johnson, Douglas Chair: Stephen Gottesman "A Study of the Interstellar Medium in NGC 185 and other Early-Type Galaxies"
Lowther, Rex Chair: Arthur Broyles "Monte Carlo Calculation of the Born-Oppenheimer Potential Between Two Helium Atoms"
Mintmire, John Chair: Jack Sabin "An LCAO local density functional approach to surface electronic structure calculations"

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