Meeting Times:  MWF  (4th)  10:40 AM -  11:30 AM

Location:  ONLINE

INSTRUCTOR: Professor Chris Stanton
PHONE: 392-8753
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OFFICE HOURS:  MW 4th period (11:45AM - 12:35PM or by appointment).

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, syllabus, course outline and homework solutions are posted on the Canvas page.  Also links to Zoom Class meetings and Zoom Office Hours are posted.  


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Vaccines for students will be available starting on April 5. Those interested should register at the link below.

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A link to Gaussian Integrals is below left, and might be useful for Midterm 2 if you forgot how to do them.

Solutions to MidTerm 2 are now online.

Course: This is a one  semester course on Solid State Physics designed for upper level undergraduates.  We will cover some of the subjects developed in the fields  of solid state/condensed matter physics in the 20th century at an introductory level.   We will also cover some more modern topics as time allows.

PHY3323, 3513, 4604, 4802L, or instructors permission.. Encouraged to take PHY4523  at least simultaneously.
Text book:  The “official” textbook, which is required, is Introduction to Solid State Physics (8th edition) by Charles Kittel.