This is an approximate schedule and will be filled in and changed as we go through the  class.  
Blue indicates the material that has already been covered.
Revised January 5, 2021
Solid State Physics       Spring 2021
Approximate Course Schedule:
(subject to change)
WEEK General Topic Book Chapter HW (tentative)
1 Mon. Jan. 11 Class Introduction
Wed. Jan. 13 Theory of Everything - Condensed Matter Style Free electron Fermi Gas 6
Fri.  Jan. 15 Fermi Gas- Ground State Properties, Density of States
2 Mon. Jan. 18 Martin Luther King Day  -- No Classes
Wed. Jan. 20 Thermodynamic  Properties - Electron Specific Heat
Fri.  Jan. 22 Transport Properties - Drude Conductivity HW 1 due. 
3 Mon. Jan. 25 Periodic Potentials, Bravais Lattice, Wigner-Seitz Cell Crystal Structure 1
Wed. Jan. 27 Basis+Lattice = Crystal, 2 D and 3D Structures
Fri.  Jan. 29 Diamond, Zincblende, Hexaganol Structures.  Reciprocal Lattice. Reciprocal Lattice 2
4 Mon. Feb. 1 Brillouin Zone, Bragg Scattering
Wed. Feb. 3 Von Laue Scattering, Structure Factors
Fri.  Feb. 5 Cohesive Energy of Crystals, Van Der Waals forces Bonding 3 HW 2 due. 
5 Mon. Feb. 8 Lennard-Jones Potential, Madelung Sums
Wed. Feb. 10 Periodic Potentials, Bloch/Floquet Theorem, Discrete Translation Operator Electronic Structure 7
Fri.  Feb. 12 Proof of Bloch's Theorem HW 3 due
6 Mon. Feb. 15 Kronig-Penney Model
Wed.  Feb. 17 Solutions Near a Zone Boundary, Empty Lattice Approximation
Fri.  Feb. 19 Empty Lattice, Overview of Semiconductors Semiconductors 8 HW 4 due.
7 Mon. Feb. 22 Direct and Indirect Band Gaps, Conduction and Valence Bands, Spin-Orbit
Wed. Feb. 24 Effective Mass Theory, Quasi-Classical Eq. of Motion, Bloch Oscillations
Fri.  Feb. 26 Hole Motion, Chemical Potential, Doping, Law of Mass Action HW 5 due.
8 Mon. Mar. 1 Impurity Levels
Wed. Mar. 3 Semiconductor Mobilities.   Metals Metals/Fermi Surfaces 9 HW 6 due.
Fri.  Mar. 5 Reduced, Extended, Periodic zones.  Fermi Surfaces. TAKE HOME EXAM 1.  Available, Thurs, May 4 at 8 PM.
9 Mon. Mar. 8 Methods of Calculating Energy Bands - Tight Binding Take Home Exam Due 8 PM, Monday, May 8.
Wed. Mar. 10 kP method, Pseudopotentials
Fri.  Mar. 12 Landau Levels
10 Mon.  Mar. 15 De Haas Van Alphen Effect
Wed. Mar. 17 Elastic Theory of Solids Elastic Theory 3 (last section)
Fri.  Mar. 19 Stress, Strain and Stiffness Matrices. HW 7 due.
Mon. Mar. 22 Sound Propagation in Cubic Crystals [100], [110] Phonons 4
Fri.  Mar. 26 Quantized Lattice Vibrations- Monatomic Chain
12 Mon. Mar. 29 Diatomic Chain, Quantum Theory of Harmonic Crystal Thermal Properties 5
Wed. Mar. 30 Debye/Einstein Models
Fri.  Apr. 2 Anharmonic Interactions, Thermal Conductivity HW 8 due.
13 Mon. Apr. 5 Superconductivity Superconductivity 10
Wed. Apr. 7 Overview of Properties
Fri.  Apr. 9 Thermodynamics and Free Energies HW 9 due. 
14 Mon. Apr. 12 London Theory
Wed. Apr. 14 Cooper Pairs and Instability
Fri.  Apr. 16 BCS Theory TAKE HOME EXAM 2.  Available, Fri. Apr. 16, 8 PM.
15 Mon.  Apr. 19 Normal and Josephson Tunneling.  DC, AC effects. SQUIDs Optical Spectroscopy HW 10 due.
Wed. Apr. 21 Femtosecond Spectroscopy/ Optical Tweezers, Chirped Pulse Amplification (Nobels - 2018) Take Home Exam 2, Due 8 PM, Weds. Apr. 21 at Canvas site.