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Introduction to GR: Handouts 1-7

Quick review of Electrodynamics

Quick derivation for the Christoffel symbols!

The conservation of particle stress-energy.

Constrained Hamiltonian systems

Notes on solutions of odes

Lecture notes from Brazil School


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8/22/18 Luis Ortega (Grant Elliot)
8/24/18 Nathaniel Strauss (Susanne Rosenweig)

8/27/18 Atul Divakarla (Jennica LeClerc)
8/29/18 Karolina Garcia (Brendan O'Brien)
8/31/18 Soham Kulkarni (Yang Yang)

9/05/18 Corey Bathurst (July Thomas)
9/07/18 Ioannis Michaloliakos (Nathaniel Strauss)

9/10/18 Sanjib Katuwal (Brendan O'Brien)
9/12/18 Grant Elliot (Luis Ortega)
9/14/18 Luis Ortega (Susanne Rosenweig)

9/17/18 Atul Divakarla (Karolina Garcia)
9/19/18 Jennica LeClerc (Karolina Garcia)
9/21/18 Susanne Rosenweig (Soham Kulkarni)

9/24/18 Yang Yang (Corey Bathurst)
9/26/18 July Thomas (Ioannis Michaloliakos)
9/28/18 Brendan O'Brien (Sanjib Katuwal)

10/01/18 Luis Ortega (Susanne Rosenweig)
10/03/18 Nathaniel Strauss (Ioannis Michaloliakos)
10/05/18 Atul Divakarla (Grant Elliot)

10/08/18 Karolina Garcia (Susanne Rosenweig)
10/10/18 Jennica LeClerc (Corey Bathurst)
10/12/18 Ioannis Michaloliakos (Yang Yang)

10/15/18-10/19/18 No classes

10/22/18 Soham Kulkarni (July Thomas)
10/24/18 Sanjib Katuwal (Brendan O'Brien)
10/26/18 Brendan O'Brien (Luis Ortega)

10/29/18 Ioannis Michaloliakos (Nathaniel Strauss)
10/31/18 Nathaniel Strauss (Atul Divakarla)
11/02/18 No Class: Homecoming

11/05/18 Grant Elliot (Karolina Garcia)
11/07/18 Susanne Rosenweig (Corey Bathurst)
11/09/18 Jennica LeClerc (Ioannis Michaloliakos)

11/12/18 No class: Veteran's Day (celebrated)
11/14/18 July Thomas (Soham Kulkarni)
11/16/18 Yang Yang (Sanjib Katuwal)

11/19/18 Class suspended
11/21/18-11/23/18 No class: Thanksgiving break

11/26/18 Soham Kulkarni (Atul Divakarla)
11/28/18 July Thomas (Nathaniel Strauss)
11/30/18 Grant Elliot (Yang Yang)

12/03/18 Sanjib Katuwal (Brendan O'Brien)
12/05/18 Jennica LeClerc (Corey Bathurst)

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