Project must be chosen by 9/5/18.

An IOP latex template file, with instructions, can be found at iopjnl2e.tar.gz

Students must meet with me by 9/14/18 to discuss a reading list for their respective projects.

A resource I find more useful than the arXiv for searching is inSpire.

Students should have a preliminary outline for their project by 9/28/18.

Students should have a preliminary version of their manuscript by 11/16/18 (i.e., before Thanksgiving),
but if you want it reviewed so you can refine it during Thanksgiving, it's due by 11/9/18.

Students should have a final version of their manuscript by 12/05/18 (last day of class).

Final presentations for student projects will take place during 12/10-12/18.

Presentation Schedule

12/10/18 1:00pm
The inflationary theory of primordial cosmological perturbations
Sanjib Katuwal
12/10/18 1:30pm
Post-Newtonian Theory
July Thomas
12/10/18 2:00pm
Cosmology: Big bang nucleosynthesis and the role of neutrinos
Jennica LeClerc
12/10/18 2:30pm
Black hole thermodynamics
Grant Elliot
12/10/18 3:00pm
Spinning black hole mergers
Luis Ortega
12/10/18 3:30pm
12/10/18 4:00pm
Cosmology: Role of gravitation in large scale structure
Karolina Garcia
12/10/18 4:30pm
Gravitational waves - sources and rates for LISA
Soham Kulkarni
12/10/18 5:00pm
The Hubble constant: discrepant "measurements"?
Brendan O'Brien
12/10/18 5:30pm
Gravitational waves from throughout the universe: implications for measurement
Atul Divakarla

12/11/18 3:00pm
Black hole perturbation theory
Nathaniel Strauss
12/11/18 3:30pm
Holographic theory, and emergent gravity as an entropic force
Corey Bathurst
12/11/18 4:00pm
Initial value formulation
Yang Yang
12/11/18 4:30pm
12/11/18 5:00pm
Black hole stability: theory and results
Suzanne Rosenzweig
12/11/18 5:30pm
Theory and detection of primordial gravitational waves
Ioannis Michaloliakos