PHY 2054 (Physics 2 without Calculus) Fall 2017


Dec. 11 Answer keys and solutions for the final exam are posted in e-Learning. They are in the Exams folder under Files.

Dec. 7 Final HITT scores posted on Canvas The last HITT scores have been posted: your total and the number possible. We have also posted the number of extra credit points (out of 5) that this contributes to your grade.

Nov. 30 Review for the final exam is posted in e-Learning, under "Files." The filename is review3.pdf.

Nov. 30 Textbook survey: We are conducting a survey on the textbook for this course. Please go to e-Learning, click on "Quizzes" in the menu on the left, then click on "PHY 2054 Textbook Survey" under "Surveys". Thank you for your participation.

Nov. 21 Quiz 11: Since there are no quizzes this week, next week's quiz, Quiz 11, may come from either HW 11 or HW 12. Quiz 12, in the last week of the semester, will come from HW 13.

Final exam room assignments
  • A – G: Chemistry Laboratory Bldg. C130
  • H – Ma: Weil 270
  • Mc – Sa: Pugh 170
  • Sc – Z: Flint 50
Nov. 16 Makeup Exam 2 scores are posted in e-Learning.

Nov. 13 Final exam problem distribution: In the final exam, 4 problems each will be taken from Exams 1 and 2, with possible changes, and 12 problems will be from the new material (Chapters 23 - 25).

Nov. 9 Grade predictor technical problems: If you cannot open the grade-predictor spread sheet on your computer, contact phy2054 at with a description of symptoms, the version of Excel on your computer, and the operating system (for instance Windows 10).

Nov. 7 Grade predictor: an Excell spreadsheet for predicting grades for the course is posted in e-Learning, under Files.

Exam 2 scores are also posted in e-Learning.

Nov. 3 Exam 2 answer keys and solutions have been posted in e-Learning. They are in the Exams folder under Files.

Nov. 2 Prof. Woodard's office hours: Prof. Woodard will be gone Nov. 4-6, so his M4 office hour is cancelled. He will make it up on Nov. 7 by holding office hours T4-5.

Oct. 30 Exam 2 Room Assignments
  • A-G ===> NRN 0137
  • H-P ===> NPB 1001
  • Q-Z ===> TUR L007

Oct. 29 Prof. Takano's office hour: Prof. Takano has to cancel his Monday 5th period office hour this week. He will instead hold an office hour on Tuesday during period 5.

Oct. 20 Prof. Woodard's office hours: Prof. Woodard will be gone during the week of Oct. 23 so his M4 and T4 office hours that week are cancelled. He will make up on Oct. 30-31 by holding office hours M3-4 and T3-4.

Oct. 12 Makeup Exam 1 scores are posted in e-Learning.

Oct. 6 Prof. Takano's office hours: Prof. Takano won't be able to have his office hours on Monday, October 9, Thursday, October 12, and Monday, October 16. He will instead hold extra office hours on Tuesday, October 17, Thursday, October 19, and Friday, October 20—all during period 5.

Sept. 30 Your Exam 1 score is posted in e-Learning.

Sept. 28 Exam 1 answer keys and solutions have been posted in e-Learning. They are in the Exams folder under Files.

Sept. 22 Old Exam Solutions have been prepared by the UF Society of Physics Students and are on sale at Target Copy for $20.70.

Sept. 20 Exam 1 room assignments: Exam 1 is 8:20 pm – 10:10 pm on Wednesday, Sepember 27. The room assignments are based on the first letter, or first two letters, of your last name as follows:
  • A – Po: Carleton 100
  • Pr – Z: Turlington L007
Sept. 13 Old exams for this course are available via a link provided in e-Learning. Read the most recent announcement posted in e-Learning.

Sept. 12 Quiz 2 has been rescheduled for TR sections to Thursday, Sept. 14, for WF sections to Friday, Sept. 15, and for MW sections to Monday, Sept. 18. We have instructed section leaders to be generous about accommodating students who are with their families, but please do your best to take the quiz with your section. We need everyone's help and understanding to get back on schedule so that we can cover the material you all will need for the professional exams. Also note that this is supposed to be an active hurricane year, so there may be may be further disruptions. If we fall behind now it will be much worse later.

Sept. 8 HW 2 deadline has been extended to Friday, September 15, 10:00 pm, as a precaution against possible disruptions by hurricane Irma. Stay safe, and see you all when the UF reopens.

Sept. 5 WebAssign grace period: The company has extended the grace period through September 15 for those who are still waiting for an access code purchased from the textbook publisher.

Sept. 5 WebAssign issues: Some students have been unable to purchase through e-Learning a WebAssign access. When they tried, WebAssign just kept displaying for hours a message which says, "Please wait. Your request is being processed". If this happens to you, log on to e-Learning with your cell phone by using UF Campus app.

If you cannot access a HW assignment, although you do have an access code, try the following steps. First check your browser setting to make sure that it accepts all third-party cookies and that the pop-up blocker is turned off. Also make sure that you are not accessing WebAssign for another course or, for some reason, not through e-Learning. In e-learning, click on the "Assignments" icon that appears near top left, click on HW 1 on the list, then click on an icon that says, "Load HW 1 in a new window"

If this does not work, log out of WebAssign and e-Learninig, close the window (just closing the window, without logging out of both, is not enough), delete cookies and cache, and restart your browser and continue.

If even this does not solve the problem, go though the same steps again, unplug the power code of your computer, remove the battery (if you are using a laptop computer), press the power button for 12 sec, plug back the power code, restart your computer and your browser, and continue.

If none of these works, ask other students by clicking the "Discussions" icon in e-Learning and call WebAssign's 24-hour customer-service number: 800-955-8275.

Sept. 1 Prof. Takano is having an office hour on Tuesday, period 5, because Monday — the day of his regular office hour — is a holiday.

Aug. 30 Need some free tutoring in physics by someone who teaches it? Charles Parks, who teachs introductory physics during the summer, will make himself available 6:15 - 8:15pm, every Thursday (starting Sept. 7), in NPB 1001 (our regular lecture room) to work problems.

Aug. 25 Chapter 16 of the text is posted on Canvas Just look under ``Files''.

Aug. 24 WebAssign is back and running. The interrupted service was restored yesterday around 6:30 pm.

Aug. 23 WebAssign is down. It's been a bad day for WebAssign. The company is working on the problem, but it may take some time before the service becomes again available.

Aug. 23 WebAssign access problems: Some students have reported that they cannot log into WebAssign or purchase WebAssign access, from e-Learning. So far, no student who has tried to buy a texbook-WebAssign combo from the publisher has reported a problem.

If you cannot access homework assignments by clicking "WebAssign" in the course homepage in e-Learning, click on "Assignments" near the top left and click on the homework assignment you want.

If you cannot purchase WebAssign access via the same route, also click on "Assignments", click on any of the listed assignments, then click on "get access now" located in the yellow box above the assignment.

Aug. 22 Welcome to PHY2054! Lectures begin Tuesday, Aug. 22, in NPB 1001 (period 2 or 3). It is important to attend the discussion section you are registered for, otherwise your quiz scores will not be counted.
  • HITT points and registration: Please register your remote on the HITT page. Once you provide your UFID and transmitter ID (6 digts on the back of your transmitter), the software will link your name to the transmitter and the points you accumulate will be assigned to your name. Otherwise, the points accumulate but we have no way to assign them to you. You can only use your HITT transmitter in one class period.
  • Students with Disabilities: Please read the material on the Overview page, particularly the part about test accommodations.
  • The class schedule shows the lecture schedule, exam dates, and on-line homework due dates.
  • email should be sent only to phy2054 AT so that both instructors see it.
  • Discussion sections start Monday, August 21.
  • The first homework assignment is due Tuesday, Sept. 5, by 10pm. To familiarize yourself with the HW system, make sure to exercise the trial HW0, which is due on Aug. 28 (it will not be counted toward your final grade).
  • Quizzes begin in the discussion sections during the week of September 4.