PHY 2054 (Physics 2 without Calculus) Fall 2017


There will be 2 assembly in-term exams and a final exam. In addition to the in-term exams, there are also two conflict exam dates. Each exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions using ScanTrons. The date and time for each exam, and the chapters it covers are listed on the schedule page and below. Room assignments for where you must go to take the exams will be announced during class in the days leading up to the exam and posted below and on the course home page.

A student who will miss an assembly exam due to an exam conflict or any other foreseeable reason that is approved under UF attendance policies should request in advance to take the conflict exam instead of the regular exam. A student who has an unforeseeable absence from an exam should contact the instructor as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours after the missed exam. If the unforeseeable absence is excused by the instructor, the student will be expected to take the conflict exam unless s/he has another exam conflict or reason that is approved under UF attendance policies. The conflict exam will cover the same essential subject matter as the regular exam and in a similar format, although the exams will not be identical.

None of the exam grades will be dropped.

Exams are multiple choice with your answers bubbled in on Scantron sheets. Mark your answers carefully. What you mark will determine your score (independent of your having meant otherwise). Practice exams are available on the PHY2054 e-Learning site.

Allowed Materials for Exams

  • You must bring your GatorOne ID to the exam.
  • Cell phones and all other wireless devices must be turned off and out of sight. If such a device is seen during the exam you will receive a zero for that exam.
  • For exams 1 and 2 : one formula sheet (2 sides) on standard 8.5x11 paper, handwritten by you
  • For the final, you may bring 2 formula sheets (2 sides apiece) on standard 8.5x11 paper, handwritten by you
  • Bring pencil, eraser, sharpener, calculator (and spare batteries).
PHY2054 Exam Schedule
Date Exam Material Time Room Assignments*
Sep. 27
Exam 1 Chapters
8:20-10:10pm CAR 0100: A - Po
TUR L007: Pr - Z
Nov. 2
Exam 2 Chapters
8:20-10:10pm NRN 0137: A - G
NPB 1001: H - P
TUR L007: Q - Z
Dec. 9
Final exam Chapters
(skip 21.3-7)
CLB C130: A - G
WEIL 270: H - Ma
PUGH 170: Mc - Sa
FLI 50: Sc - Z
*Room assignments are based on the first 1 or 2 letters of your last name.