PHY 2049 - Physics 2 with Calculus - Summer 2018


To complete the online homework for this course, you need to purchase a WileyPLUS registration code. Please follow these instructions carefully or it could cost you a lot more money!

Starting this semester, WileyPLUS is integrated through Canvas. This means that self registration is no longer possible and is done automatically instead. It also means you MUST access WileyPLUS only through the Canvas e-learning link. Do NOT go directly to the WileyPLUS website.

To access WileyPLUS through Canvas, first select this course "PHY2049: Physics with Calculus 2, Summer 2018". Then click on the "Modules" tab on the left bar, and then click on the "WileyPLUS Homepage" link listed under the WileyPLUS module:

You will need to accept the "Limited Use End User License Agreement" (click on the Accept button).

Please note that there are only two options to purchase a valid WileyPLUS registration code: you can buy it bundled with a hardcopy of the textbook through the UF Bookstore, or you can purchase it for online access only.

If you intend to purchase the WileyPlus registration code separately from the bookstore and only want the online text, follow this link to get the specially discounted UF pricing for an online registration code, otherwise you will pay much more money:

1. This prompts you to log in with your GatorLink account

2. Students are shown a list of classes in which they are enrolled that are participating in UF All Access, with the prices

3. Students should click the Opt-in check box next to the class they are trying to get access to.

4. Students then need to click the button below to authorize the charges.