PHY 2049 - Physics 2 with Calculus - Summer 2018

Additional homework

Doing additional homework problems beyond those formally assigned is a critical part of getting proficient in physics and succeeding in the course. We advise you to do 5-10 extra problems per chapter, randomly picked from the beginning to the end of the block of problems at the end of each chapter.

Pick odd-numbered problems---they have answers at the end of the hardcopy textbook and in the WileyPlus on-line textbook to check yourself, and gain confidence as you build your skills. Moreover, select problems marked "SSM" have complete, worked out solutions in the on-line textbook. We caution you to refer to these sparingly, only after you've struggled with the problem and tried to get the solution on your own first. It's easy to fool yourself into thinking you understand and will be able to recreate the steps of a problem by just following along. That simply does not work.

As a rule of thumb, you should become comfortable solving two-point problems in less than 5 min and three-point problems in less than 10 min. Remember: on the exams, you will have on average about 5 min per problem of varying degrees of difficulty.