PHY 2049 - Physics 2 with Calculus - Summer 2018


Date Announcement
May 14 Lectures begin Monday, May 14 in 1001 NPB. The class schedule shows the lecture material covered. There are three lectures (MWF, period 4, 12:30-1:45) and one discussion section per week.

Discussion sections start Wednesday, May 16.

Texbook and WilePlus: See the Textbook link on the LHS navigation bar. You must purchase the book plus WileyPlus homework. See the Register WileyPlus link on the LHS navigation bar for registering for WileyPlus.

PHY2049 and PHY2049L: Physics with Calculus 2 (PHY2049) and Physics 2049 Lab (PHY2049L) are separate and independent courses. For information about the Physics 2049 Lab go to the Physics Labs page.

Students with Disabilities: Students requesting classroom accommodation for disabilities must first register with the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office will provide documentation to the student who must then provide this documentation to the instructor when requesting accommodation. The Accommodated Testing Service (ATS) at DRC will then administer all the exams.