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Bates, Harry Chair: Ralph Isler "Noncollinear Phase Matching Effects in Uniaxial Crystals"
Carolan, James Chair: Thomas Scott "A Nuclear Relaxation Study of Molecular Motion in Liquid and Solid Ammonia"
Deepak, Adarsh Deepak Chair: Alex Green "Second and Higher Order Scattering of Light in a Settling Polydisperse Aerosol"
Heberlein, David Chair: Dwight Adams "Thermal Expansion and Isothermal Compressibility of Solid Nitrogen and Methane"
Kennedy, David Chair: Thomas Carr "Polarization of the Decametric Radiation from Jupiter"
Paul, Madhabendra Chair: Thomas Carr "Waveform and Source-Size Studies of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation"
Philp, Joseph Chair: Dwight Adams "Thermal Expansion in CUK2Cl4 2H2O Near the Curie Temperature"
Rayborn, Grayson Chair: Thomas Bailey "Experimental Studies of Charge Transfer Collisions"
Wells, William Chair: Ralph Isler "Level-Crossing Spectroscopy of Diatomic Molecules: Application to an Excited State of Carbon Monoxide"


Boring, Arthur Chair: John Slater "A Study of the Band Structure of Sodium"
Dutcher, Clinton Chair: Thomas Scott "Pressure Dependence of the Fermi Surface of Metals"
Halpern, Todd Chair: Alex Green Co-Chair: Bernard Chern "A Consistent Field-Theoretic Perturbative Calculation to Z of Corrections to the Fermi Function"
Herrero, Federico Chair: Thomas Bailey "Differential Elastic Ion-Atom Scattering at Low Energies"
Ioup, George Chair: Thomas Bailey Co-Chair: B. Thomas "Analysis of Low Energy Atomic and Molecular Collisions: Semiclassical Elastic Scattering Calculations and Deconvolution of Data"
Jaszczak, Ronald Chair: D. Swanson Co-Chair: Francis Dunnam "A Study of the Radiative Capture of 4He by 12C Below 4 MeV"
Logue, Laurence Chair: Alex Green Co-Chair: Bernard Chern "Comparison of the Usual Fermi Function for a Point Nucleus with a Field Theoretic Perturbative Calculation to Z2OC2"
Mason, David Chair: Alex Green "Proton-Proton Bremsstrahlung"
Panczyk, Michael Chair: Dwight Adams "Nuclear Exchange Energy and Isotopic Phase Separation in Solid Helium"
Prior, Richard Chair: Richard Blue Co-Chair: D. Swanson "Polarization of Protons Elastically Scattered from Light Nuclei"
Register, Henry Chair: Alex Smith "Decameter-Wavelength Radio Observations of the Planet Jupiter 1957-1968"
Scribner, Richard Chair: Dwight Adams "The Melting Curve and Related Thermodynamic Properties of He3 Below 1 Degree Kelvin"


Becker, Michael Chair: Arthur Broyles "A Variational Approach to the Ground State Energy of the Electron Gas"
Browder, James Chair: Stanley Ballard "Studies of the Thermal Expansion of Optical Materials at Low Temperatures"
Carr, Roger Chair: Alex Smith Co-Chair: K-Y Chen "Photoelectric Photometry of CZ Aquarii and UV Piscium"
Choy, William Chair: Thomas Scott "Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of 14N Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy"
Hochstim, Adolf Chair: Alex Green "Electric Conductivity of Weakly Ionized Gases"
Martin, John Chair: Thomas Bailey "Experimental Investigations of Negative Ion Collisions: Electron Detachment and Ion-Molecule Reactions"
Shever, Izzydor Chair: Alex Smith "Influence of Io On Jovian Decametric Radiation"
Streete, John Chair:Stanley Ballard "Atmospheric Attenuation of Electromagnetic Radiation in the Infrared Spectral Region"


Carlton, Patrick Chair: D. Swanson Co-Chair: Francis Dunnam "Excited Nuclear States of Sulfur and Argon Produced by 3-4 MeV
Alpha Particles"

Champion, Roy Chair: Thomas Bailey "Collision-induced dissociation of D2 ions by argon and nitrogen"
Connolly, John Chair: J. Slater "The Energy Band Structure of Ferromagnetic Nickel"
DeReggi, Aime Chair: Thomas Scott "Studies in Nuclear Relaxation"
Doverspike, Lynn Chair: Thomas Bailey "Energetic and angular studies on N2D and ArD formation"
Dunn, Tucson Chair: Arthur Broyles "An Approximation to the Electron Gas Slater Sum in the Form of a Boltzman Factor Involving

Jaen, Jang 1966 Chair: Arthur Broyles "The WKB Approximation for the Quantum Radial Distribution Function"
Krishan, Kamala Chair: Thomas Scott "Thermal Expansion in Dilute Solid Solutions"
Lee, Joon Chair: Arthur Broyles 'A Product-Pair Ground State Wave Function for He4"
Matzkanin, George Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Metals"
McMahan, William Chair: Stanley Ballard "Investigation of the Scattering of Laser Light by a Plasma"
McWaters, Marcus 1966 Chair: Alexander Bednarek "Cohomology for normal spaces"
Milton, James Chair: Thomas Scott "Pressure Dependence of Magnetic Transitions"
Sharma, Ravi Chair: Alex Green "Velocity Dependent Boson Exchange Potentials and Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering in the Born Approximation"
Smith, Earl Chair: Arthur Broyles Co-Chair: Charles Hooper "A Relaxation Theory of Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas"
Stolarski, Richard Chair: Alex Green "Energy Degradation of Electrons in Atmospheric Gases"
Straty, Gerald Chair: Dwight Adams "Thermodynamic Properties of Solid Helium"
Tiberi, Carmen Chair: Thomas Carr "Observations of Jupiter at 430 MC/S"


Block, Wilbur Chair: Alex Smith "Spectrum and origin of the Jovian radio burst structure"
Dunnill, William Chair: John Flowers "Ion beam-plasma interactions"
Gulkis, Samuel Chair: Thomas Carr "A theoretical model for the emission of the decametric radiation from Jupiter"
Wynn, Marion Chair: Thomas Bailey "Electron detachment in collisions of 0 - ions with rare gas atoms"


Collins, Thomas Chair: Per-Olov Lowdin "A Study of the Coefficients of the Spin Permutation Operators in the Effective Spin Hamiltonian"
Dulock, Victor Chair: Arthur Broyles Co-Chair: B. Thomas "A Study of Accidental Degeneracy in Hamiltonian Mechanics"
Eoff, Kay Chair: John Flowers "Townsend's First Ionization Coefficient in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields"
Lebo, George Chair: Alex Smith "Decameter-Wavelength Radio Observations of the Planets in 1962"
Lado, Fred Chair: Arthur Broyles "New Methods of Computing Radial Distribution Functions of Fluids"
Pizzo, Joseph Chair: John Kronsbein Co-Chair: Arthur Broyles "Contributions to the Einstein-Kursunoglu Field Equations"


Carley, David Chair: Arthur Broyles "Radial Distribution Function of and Electron Gas"
Gay, Jackson Chair: Per-Olov Lowdin "Lower Bounds to the Eigenvalues of Hamiltonians by Intermediate Problems"
Khan, Ashfaq Chair: Arthur Broyles "A Comparison of the Radial Distribution Functions of Fluid Argon Computed with the Percus-Yevick and CHNC Inegral Equations using (1) the Guggenheim McGlashan and (2) the Leenard-Jones Potentials"
Sahlin, Henry Chair: Arthur Broyles "A collective coordinate approach to the radial distribution function"
Six, Norman Chair: Alex Smith "Analysis of the Decameter-Wavelength Radio Emmission from the Planet Jupiter"


Brooker, Hampton Chair: Alex Smith Co-Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance in Indium Compunds"
Lamborn, Bjorn Chair: D. Lafferty "Interaction in Beam-Plasma Systems"
Nolan, Stanley Chair: John Flowers "Discharge Time Lags in the Magnetic Field"
Watson, Harry Chair: W. Ard "An Experimental Study of the Interaction of Plasmons and Fast Electrons in Metals"


Chatterton, Neil Chair: Alex Smith "Spectral Characteristics of the Radio-Frequency Outbursts of the Planet Jupiter"
Haigh, Paul Chair: Stanley Ballard Co-Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Resonance in Liquid and Solid Nitrogen"
Kendall, Harry Chair: John Flowers "A Study of the Time Lag of Gas Breakdown in Reversed Electric Fields"


Sawyer, Earl Chair: D. Swanson "Studies of Certain Proton-Target and Deuteron-Target Reactions in the Energy Range of 0.1 to 0.6 MEV"


Carr, Thomas Chair: Alex Smith "Studies of Radio Frequency Radiations from the Planets"
Murphy, John Chair: M. Gordon "Investigations into the Theory of High Energy Accelerators"
Vatsia, Misri Chair: Alex Smith "A Phase Contrast Investigation of Atmospheric Turbulence"


Moore, Harold Chair: M. Gordon "Deuteron Stripping Reactions on Carbon and Oxygen: A Comparison of Theory and Experiment"
Saunder, Morton Chair: Alex Smith "Optical Studies of Turbulent Media"
Singh, Ram Chair: D. Swanson "The Determination of Energy Levels of Fluorine 19 and Sulphur 32 by O18 (d,n) F19, and P31 (d,n) S 32 Reactions"


Knight, John Chair: Harold Hanson "Investigations in Homopolar and Ionic Binding Through the Technique of X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy"
Rowell, Neal Chair: Alex Smith "An Electron Diffraction Study of Alloys Produced by the Simultaneous Vacuum Evaporation of Aluminum and Copper"


Jones, June Chair: R. Williamson Co-Chair: M. Gordon "A Variational Procedure for Improving the Born Approximation as Applied to the Scattering of Electrons by Hydrogen Atoms"
Jones, Mark . Chair: John Flowers "Biophysical Aspects of Plant Tissue Cultures"


Hunter, George Chair: D. Swanson "The Development and Calibration of a Van de Graaf Type Electrostatic Generator"


Morrow, John Chair: W. Beesler "The Dielectric Constant of Benzene"

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