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Gordon, David Chair: Stephen Gottesman "A Neutral Hydrogen Survey of Blue Compact Galaxies"
Li, Funming Chair: James Brookeman "Nuclear Resonance of O17 in Liquid and Solid Carbon Monoxide"
McCormick, Larry Chair: Henri Van Rinsvelt Co-Chair: Eugene Dunnam "Particle Induced X-Ray Emission Study of Rod Outer Segment Disc Membranes"
Parise, Ronald Chair: Kwan-Yu Chen "A Detailed Investigation of the MgII k Line in Beta Persei"
West, Jon Chair: Kwan-Yu Chen "Evolution of Pre-Main-Sequence Binary Star Systems"


Boercker, David Chair: James Dufty "Quantum kinetic theory of time correlation functions"
Jackman, Charles Chair: Alex Green "Spatial and Energetic Aspects of Electron Energy Deposition"
Killian, David Chair: Stephen Gottesman "Tidal Interactions Between M81, M82, and NGC 3077"
Rafert, James Chair: R. Wilson "Mass and Momentum Exchange in Close Binary Systems (Part I and II)"


Britton, Charles Chair: Dwight Adams "Nuclear magnetism of solid-helium three
Fleck, Robert Chair: James Hunter "Magnetic Braking during Star Formation"
Griggs, David Chair: Henry Weller "Alpha Particle States in Light Nuclei"
Hwang, James Chair: T. Scott "Pressure Dependence of the Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constant and the Knight Shift of Single Crystal Gallium"
Maloney, Frank Chair: Stephen Gottesman "Lunar Occultation Observations of the Crab Nebula"
McBroom, Robert Chair: Henry Weller "Proton Radiative Capture by Tritium Below 30 MeV"
Murray, Lambert Chair: Ralph Isler "Optical Studies of Ion-Molecule Collisions: N2+ + O2"
Thieman, James Chair: Alex Smith "Higher Resolution Studies of Jupiter's Decametric Radio Emissions"
Tighe, Richard Chair: Charles Hooper "A Study of Stark Broadening of High-Z Hydrogenic Ion Lines in Dense Hot Plasmas"
Yang, Kohsiung Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Resonance in Dispersed Systems"


Adams, Altois Chair: Raymond Pepinsky "The Magnetic Anisotropy of Sickled Erythrocytes"
Bellum, John Chair: David Micha "Electronic and Dynamical Aspects of Diatomic Systems"
Desch, Michael Chair: Thomas Carr "Groundbased and Spacecraft Studies of Jupiter at Decameter and Hectometer Wavelengths"
Ishol, Lyle Milton Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of 14N in Single Crystal Glycine and of 15N in Liquid and solid N2"
Mueller, Robert Chair: Dwight Adams "Nuclear magnetic resonance in flowing superfluid 3He-A"
Soares, Christopher Chair: Henri Van Rinsvelt "K- and L-Shell X-Ray Production Cross Sections for Alpha Particles in the 1 to 4 MeV Range on Selected Thin Targets"
Worth, Joseph Chair: Sam Trickey "APW Calculation of the Electron-Phonon Interaction in Solid Argon and Neon"


Fallon, Fredrick Chair: Sabatino Sofia Co-Chair: Heinrich Wurmb "Stellar Motions in the Orion Nebula Cluster"
Flesch, Terry Chair: Frank Wood "Flare-Related Color Effects in UV Ceti Stars"
Krausche, Dolores Chair: George Lebo "High Resolution Spectral Analyses of the Jovian Decametric Radiation"
Kummer, Raymond Chair: Dwight Adams "Effects of a magnetic field on nuclear spin ordering in solid 3He
Li, Choy Chair: John Connolly "Hellmann-Feynman Forces and Dipole Moments using Multiple-Scattering X Alpha Wavefunctions for Diatomic Molecules"
McPeters, Richard Chair: Alex Green "Scattered Sunlight in the Atmosphere, from the Middle Ultraviolet through the near Infrared"
Scott, Roger Chair: A. Smith "Photographic Studies of Quasi-Stellar Objects and other Active Radio Sources"
Seacord, Andrew Chair: StephenGottesman "Radio Spectral Line Studies of the Interstellar Medium in the
Galactic Plane"

Yu, Ning Chair: James Gregg "Cell Contact Mediated Differentiation in Dictyostelium"


Ebersole, John Chair: Stanley Ballard "An Investigation of the Linear Electro-Optic Effect of Epitaxial Zinc Sulfide Films for Integrated Optics"
Endal, Andrew Chair: Kwan-Yu Chen "The Advanced Evolution of a 15 Solar Mass Star"
Harvel, Christopher Chair: Frank Wood "Radiative Transfer in Circumstellar Dust"
Hussey, Thomas Chair: Charles Hooper "A Kinetic Theory of Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas"
Martins, Donald Chair: Frank Wood "Ubvri Photometry of Variable Red Dwarf Emission Objects"
McGimsey, Ben Chair: Alex Smith "Optical Brightness and Polarization of Quasars and Related Objects"
McMillan, Robert Chair: Ralph Isler "Optical and Paramagnetic Resonance Absorption Spectra of Chromium in Yttrium Aluminum Garnet"
Menard, Albert Chair: Dwight Adams "The Thermodynamic Pressure in Superfluid Helium and its Implications for the Phonon Dispersion Curve"
Mullen, Elisabeth Chair: Kwan-Yu Chen "The Formation of a Contact Binary Star System"
Nelander, James Chair: Raymond Pepinsky "Structural Studies of Artificial and Biological Membranes by Small-Angle X-Ray Diffraction"
Kin-Chue Chair: Arthur Broyles "Integral Equations and Distribution Functions for Hyperdense Plasmas and a Local Exchange-Correlation Approximation for Many-Electron Systems"


Austin, Terry Chair: Thomas Bailey "Low-Energy Scattering of He++ by Neon, Argon, and Krypton"
Bloomer, Raymond Chair: Kwan-Yu Chen "Photoelectric Investigations of AA Ceti and UZ Puppis"
Budzynski, Timothy Chair: Thomas Bailey "Kinematic Studies Of Charge Transfer in Collisions Between Rare Gas Ions and Diatomic Molecules"
Capone, Louis Chair: Sheo Prasad "Some Studies of the Jovian Upper Atmosphere
Castles, Stephen Chair: Dwight Adams "Specific heat of solid helium"
Danese, John Chair: J. Slater Co-Chair: John Sabin "Non-Muffin-Tin Corrections to the Total Molecular Energy in the Multiple-Scattering X Alpha Method of Molecular Calculation
Furman, Dennis Chair: Sheo Prasad "A Study of Some Current Problems in Terrestrial Ionospheric Behavior
Hackney, Karen Chair: Alex Smith "Three-Color Photographic Photometry of Active Quasi-Stellar Radio Sources"
Ringers, Douglas Chair: J. Connolly "A "First Principles" Calculation of the Heisenberg Exchange Integral and Crystal Field Parameter for Nickel Oxide"
Shin, Hyun-Joon Chair: Arthur Broyles "Properties of Liquid Sodium at High Temperatures"
Snow, Edward Chair: J. Connolly "Total Energy as a Function of Lattice Parameter for Copper Using the Self-Consistent APW Method"
Stevens, Forest Chair: ArthurBroyles "Variational Calculation of Electron Gas Correlation Energy"
Titus, James Chair: Dwight Adams Co-Chair: JosephRosenshein "The Vortex Ring Creation Process in He II"


Burnham, Ralph Chair: Ralph Isler "Measurement of the Radiative Lifetimes of the V=1 and V=2 Levels of the A State of Carbon Monoxide
Hackney, Richard Chair: Alex Smith "Optical Behavior of Peculiar Extragalactic Radio Sources"
Hattox, Thomas Chair: John Slater Co-Chair: James Conklin Jr. "A Calculation of the Magnetization and Total Energy of Vanadium as a Function of Lattice Parameter"
Lynch, Michel Chair: Thomas Carr "Observations of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation with a Very-Long Baseline Interferometer"
Morgan, Thomas Chair: Alex Smith "Fluid Dynamics of Circumstellar Material Associated with Be Stars"
Mullen, Joseph Chair: Thomas Bailey Co-Chair: Billy Thomas "Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Low-Energy Molecular Collision Phenomena"
Powell, John Chair: Kenneth Allen "Energy Transport in the Three-Dimensional, Harmonic, Isotopically Disordered Crystal
Rudnick, Ian Chair: Frank Wood "The Light Curves of W Ursae Majoris Systems"
Tschang, Yin-Po Chair: Michael Parkinson "Relativistic Parametrization of the P33 Resonance in Pion-Nucleon Scattering"
Williamson, Richard Chair: Kwan-Yu Chen "Photoelectric Study of EE Aquarii and AE Phoenicis"


Averill, Frank Chair: James Conklin "Calculation of the Total Energy of Cesium as a Function of Lattice Constant"
Clarke, Richard Jr. Chair: Francis Dunnam "Radiative Alpha Capture in 32S, 34S, and 23Na"
Davis, Robert Chair: Guy Omer "Structure in Clusters of Galaxies
Leacock, Robert Chair: Alex Smith "An Extended Analysis of Certain Features of Jupiter's Decametric Emission"
McEnnan, Marilyn Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Frequency and Line Shape in Isotopic Mixtures of Solid Alpha-Nitrogen"
Miller, Lewis Chair: Alex Green "Relativistic Self-Consistent Field Calculations Per Nuclei"
Roszman, Larry Chair: Charles Hooper "The Effects of Ion Motion on Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas"
Nathan, Richard Chair: Ralph Isler "Optical Excitation from Low Energy He+ + H2 and H2 + He Collisions"
Ott, William Chair: Henry Weller "Alpha-Particle States in 19Ne and 15N"
Riewe, Frederick Chair: Alex Green "Generalized Field Theory and Form Factors of Nucleons and Atoms"
Spring, John Chair: Arthur Broyles "Correlation Energy of the Electron Gas"


Brown, George Chair: Thomas Carr "Long Baseline Interferometry of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation"
Clark, Eugene Chair: G. Omer Co-Chair: Thomas Carr "Observational Effects of Local Inhomogeneities in Cosmological Models"
D'Allessio, Gregory Avisor: Thomas Scott "Pressure and Temperature Dependence of the Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constant of 23Na in NaNO3"
Donivan, Frank Jr. Chair: Thomas Carr "Radio Investigations of Clusters of Galaxies"
Folsom, George III Chair: Alex Smith "Optical Variations of Quasars and Related Galaxies
Keyser, Ronald Chair: Richard Blue "A Study of Oxygen-17 Via Helium-3 Bombardment of Carbon-14"
Lee, Richard Chair: Charles Hooper "A Green's Function Formulation of Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas"
Lipofsky, Barton Chair: Alex Green "Single Scattering of Light by Polydispersed Aerosols"
McEnnan, James Chair: Arthur Broyles "A Dispersion Theory of the Lamb Shift"
Miller, Hugh Chair: Alex Smith "Jupiter's Decametric Flux: A Consistent Two-Dimensional Analysis, 1957-1970"
O'Brien, John Chair: Charles Hooper "A Relaxation Theory of Stark Broadening of He II Lines in Plasmas"
Olsson, Carl Chair: Alex Smith "Analytical Studies of Selected Jovian Decametric Phenomena"
Pokrant, Marvin Chair: Arthur Broyles "Ionization Curves for Hydrogen"
Ramirez, Juan Chair: Richard Blue "States in Nitrogen-15 Between 12 MeV and 14 MeV Excitation Energy"
Samec, Augustine Chair: Arthur Broyles "Computing Radial Distribution Functions with Bridge Diagrams"

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