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Ackley, Kendall 2017 Chair: Stephen Eikenberry Co-Chair: Sergei Klimenko "A Realistic End-To-End Analysis: an Optimized Procedure for Finding Elusive Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Events"
Adams, Altois 1976 Chair: Raymond Pepinsky "The Magnetic Anisotropy of Sickled Erythrocytes"
Agarwal, Nimit 2013 Chair: James Fry "Helium Segregation and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations"
Agnese, Robert 2017 Chair: Tarek Saab "Simulating the SuperCDMS Dark Matter Detector Response and Readout"
Ahmad, Ejaz 1996 Chair: James Ipser "The Spacetime Manifold of a Rotating Star"
Anand, Naween 2015 Chair: David Tanner "Characterization of Electronic Systems through Optical and Transport Techniques"
Ananth, Sudarshan 2005 Chair: Pierre Ramond "Maximally Supersymmetric Theories in Light-Cone Superspace"
Angle, Jesse 2008 Chair: Laura Baudis "Gamma Background Studies for the Xenon Experiment Using a High-Purity Germanium Detector"
Aoyama, Chris 2015 Chair: Yasumasa Takano "Experimental Studies of Low Dimensional Quantum Antiferromagnets"
Arason, Haukur 1993 Chair: Pierre Ramond "Renormalization Group Analysis of the Standard Model, the Minimal Supersymmetric Extension of the Standard Model, and the standard model, and the effective action"
Arenas, Daniel 2009 Chair: David Tanner "The content of ETD will be sent to ProQuest/UMI at the end of the above embargo period"
Ashrafi, Ali 2013 Chair: Dmitrii Maslov "Electron-electron interactions in two-dimensional spin-orbit coupled systems"
Austin, Terry 1973 Chair: Thomas Bailey "Low-Energy Scattering of He++ by Neon, Argon, and Krypton"
Averill, Frank 1971 Chair: James Conklin "Calculation of the Total Energy of Cesium as a Function of Lattice Constant"


Back, Christina 1989 Chair: Charles Hooper "Resonance Fluorescence in a Laser-Produced AL XII Plasma"
Bailes, Allison 1998 Chair: Elizabeth Seiberling "Flat or Lumpy: Surface Structure and Growth Modes in Silicon-Germanium Epitaxy"
Baker, Brian 2002 Chair: Steven Detweiler "Variational principles in general relativity"
Balaraman, Anand 2007 Chair: Jim Fry "Cell Count Moments in the Halo Model"
Bao, Yiliang 2011 Chair: Ho Bun Chan "The Casimir Force on Nanostructured Surfaces: Geometry and Finite Conductivity Effects"
Barrow, Daniel 2011 Chair: Katia Matcheva "Atmospheric Gravity Waves in the Stratosphere of Mars and the Ionospheres of Jupiter and Saturn"
Baskaran, Aparna 2006 Chair: Jim Dufty “Statistical Mechanics and Linear Response for a Granular Fluid”
Bates, Harry 1969 Chair: Ralph Isler "Noncollinear Phase Matching Effects in Uniaxial Crystals"
Becker, Michael 1967 Chair: Arthur Broyles "A Variational Approach to the Ground State Energy of the Electron Gas"
Beksic, Dario 1994 Chair: David Micha "Electronically Diabatic Photodesorption of Molecules Adsorbed on
Metal Surfaces"

Bellum, John 1976 Chair: David Micha "Electronic and Dynamical Aspects of Diatomic Systems"
Berg, Robert 1983 Chair: Gary Ihas "Dispersion of 5 MHZ Zero Sound in Superfluid 3He Near Tc"
Berke, Kara 2013 Chair: Art Hebard "Graphene Growth, Doping, and Characterization for Device Applications"
Bhupathi, Pradeep 2009 Chair: Yoonseok Lee "Construction of an Ultralow Temperature Cryostat and Transverse Acoustic Spectroscopy in Superfluid Helium-3 in Compressed Aerogels"
Billman, Chris 2017 "Atomistic and Electronic Modeling of Oxides"
Blackburn, James 1990 Chair: Steven Detweiler Co-Chair: James Ipser "The Spiralling Binary Systems of Black Holes"
Blass, Anatol 2001 Chair: Yngve Öhrn "Quasiclassifcal and semiclassical methods in molecular scattering dynamics"
Blecken, Carsten 1997 Chair: Khandker Muttalib "Disordered Conductors in a Random Matrix Formulation and the Connection to
Complex Systems"

Block, Wilbur 1965 Chair: Alex Smith "Spectrum and origin of the Jovian radio burst structure"
Bloomer, Raymond 1973 Chair: Kwan-Yu Chen "Photoelectric Investigations of AA Ceti and UZ Puppis"
Boercker, David 1978 Chair: James Dufty "Quantum kinetic theory of time correlation functions"
Boring, Arthur 1968 Chair: John Slater "A Study of the Band Structure of Sodium"
Borkowski, Lech 1995 Chair: Peter Hirschfeld "Impurities in Unconventional Superconductors"
Boshart, Mark 1996 Chair: Elizabeth Seiberling "A Channeled Ion Energy Loss Study of the Surfactant-Mediated Growth of GE ON SI(100)"
Bossart, Elizabeth 1999 Chair: Thomas Mareci "Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for the Study of Translational Diffusion: Applications to Nervous Tissue"
Boychev, Vladimir 2001 Chair: David Tanner Co-Chair: Art Hebard "Far-infrared studies of superconducting thin films and Fabry-Perot resonators made of such films"
Boyd, Gregory 2010 Chair: Peter Hirschfeld "Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Unconventional Superconductors and Multiferroics"
Breva Newell, Luis 2004 Chair: John Yelton "Decays of the Upsilon(1S) into a Photon and Two Charged Hadrons"
Brey, William 1994 Chair: E. Raymond Andrew "Novel Techniques for Pulsed Field Gradient NMR Measurements"
Britton, Charles 1977 Chair: Dwight Adams "Nuclear magnetism of solid-helium three
Brooker, Hampton 1962 Chair: Alex Smith Co-Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance in Indium Compunds"
Browder, James 1967 Chair: Stanley Ballard "Studies of the Thermal Expansion of Optical Materials at Low Temperatures"
Brown, George 1970 Chair: Thomas Carr "Long Baseline Interferometry of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation"
Brubaker, Gil 2012 Chair: David Tanner "Assembly of Spherical, Sub-Micron Stober Silica Spheres into Hexagonal Arrays in Ethoxylated Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate"
Budzynski, Timothy 1973 Chair: Thomas Bailey "Kinematic Studies Of Charge Transfer in Collisions Between Rare Gas Ions and Diatomic Molecules"
Burdick, Stephen 1980 Chair: Arthur Broyles "Metallic Hydrogen--A Two-Body Approach to Band Theory and a Quatum Mechanical Test of Diophantine Methods"
Burns, Michael 2009 Chair: Konstantin Matchev "Model-Independent Mass and Spin Determination for a Sequential Decay with a Jet and Two Leptons"
Burnham, Ralph 1972 Chair: Ralph Isler "Measurement of the Radiative Lifetimes of the V=1 and V=2 Levels of the A State of Carbon Monoxide
Buvaev, Sanal 2014 Chair: Arthur Hebard "Magnetotransport Study of Disordered Thin Films"


Cao, Chao 2008 Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng "First-Principles and Multi-Scale Modeling of Nano-Scale Systems"
Capone, Louis 1973 Chair: S. Prasad "Some Studies of the Jovian Upper Atmosphere"
Carbon, Steve 1993 Chair: Charles Thorn "Sister Trajectories in String Theory"
Carley, David 1963 Chair: Arthur Broyles "Radial Distribution Function of and Electron Gas"
Carlton, Patrick 1966 Chair: D. Swanson Co-Chair: Francis Dunnam "Excited Nuclear States of Sulfur and Argon Produced by 3-4 MeV Alpha Particles"
Carolan, James 1969 Chair: Thomas Scott "A Nuclear Relaxation Study of Molecular Motion in Liquid
and Solid Ammonia"

Carr, Roger 1967 Chair: Alex Smith Co-Chair: K-Y Chen "Photoelectric Photometry of CZ Aquarii and UV

Carr, Thomas 1958 Chair: Alex Smith "Studies of Radio Frequency Radiations from the Planets"
Carver, Matt 2016 Chair: Darin Acosta "A Search for New Physics Using Same-Sign Di-Lepton Events from Proton-Proton Collisions in the CMS Detector at a Center-of-Mass Energy of 13 TeV"
Castano, Diego 1993 Chair: Pierre Ramond "Renormalization Group Study of the Minimal Supersymmetric Extension of the Standard Model with Broken Supersymmetry"
Castles, Stephen 1973 Chair: Dwight Adams "Specific heat of solid helium"
Chacon, Monique 1993 Chair: Michael Zerner "The reduced-expended space method applied to electronic specroscopy"
Champion, Roy 1966 Chair: Thomas Bailey "Collision-induced dissociation of D2 ions by argon and nitrogen"
Chatterton, Neil 1961 Chair: Alex Smith "Spectral Characteristics of the Radio-Frequency Outbursts of the
Planet Jupiter"

Chen, Minghan 2005 Chair: David Tanner, “Optical Studies of High Temperature Superconductors and Electronic Dielectric Materials”
Chen, Wei 2008 Chair: Peter Hirschfeld "Disorder and Correlations in Metallic Cuprates"
Chen, Yun-Wen 2010 Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng " An Ab Initio Study of Alpha-Quartz (0001) Surface and Water-Silica Interface Interaction"
Chen, Xiao 2015 Chair: Andrew Rinzler "Schottky Barrier Field Effect Transistors Using Highly Purified Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene as Field Permeable Electrodes"
Chen, Zhihong 2003 Chair: Andrew Rinzler "Electric Field Induced Transparency Modulation in Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Ultra-Thin Films and a Method to Separate Metallic and Semiconducting Nanotubes"
Cheng, Mengxing 2010 Chair: Kevin Ingersent "Quantum Phase Transitions of Magnetic Impurities in Dissipative Environments"
Cheng, Tongguang 2014 Chair: Guenakh Mitselmakher Co-Chair: Andrey Korytov "Observation of the Higgs Boson in $H\To ZZ\To 4\ell$ Channel and Its Mass and Width Measurement Using the CMS Detector at the LHC"
Choi, Hyunchang 2007 Chair: Yoonseok Lee "Acoustic Study of Disordered Liquid 3He in High-Porosity Silica Aerogel"
Choi, Jinmyung 2010 Chair: Khandker Muttalib "Random Matrix Ensembles with Soft-Confinement Potential"
Choubey, Peayush 2017 Chair: Peter Hirschfeld "Theoretical Visualization of Atomic-Scale Phenomena in Inhomogeneous Superconductors">
Chowdhury, Tathagata 2015 Chair: Kevin Ingersent "A Study of Quantum Phase Transitions in Quantum Impurity Systems"
Choy, TatSang 2001 Chair: Selman Hershfield "Electron transport theory in magnetic nanostructures"
Choy, William 1967 Chair: Thomas Scott "Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of 14N Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy"
Christoph, Garrott 1981 Chair: Raymond Pepinsky "Fluctuating and Deterministic Intramolecular Motion in

Chu, Iek-Heng 2014 Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng "Computational Studies of Excited States and Electron Transfer in Nanoscale Materials"
Chu, Mei-Fang 1990 Chair: Charles Thorn "Operator Methods in Superstring Theory"
Clark, Eugene 1970 Chair: G. Omer Co-Chair: Thomas Carr "Observational Effects of Local Inhomogeneities in Cosmological Models"
Clarke, Richard 1971 Chair: Francis Dunnam "Radiative Alpha Capture in 32S, 34S, and 23Na"
Collins, Thomas 1964 Chair: Per-Olov Lowdin "A Study of the Coefficients of the Spin Permutation Operators in the Effective Spin Hamiltonian"
Colon-Perez, Luis 2013 Chair: Tom Mareci "Brain networks and the topology of weighted networks"
Connolly, John 1966 Chair: J. Slater "The Energy Band Structure of Ferromagnetic Nickel"
Cooney, James 2004 Chair: James Fry "Rotational Velocities in Large Scale Structure"
Crowley, Michael 1982 Chair: James Brookeman "Quantum Effects in Isotopically Mixed Crystals of Hydrogen Chloride and Deuterium Chloride in the Ferroelectric Phase"
Cruz, Alberto 2005 Chair: Rick Field "Using Max/Min Transverse Regions to Study the Underlying Event in Run2 at the Tevatron"
Cruz, Rachel 2006 Chair: Guido Mueller, Co-Chair: David Reitze “Development of the UF LISA Benchtop Simulator for Time Delay Interferometry”


D'Allessio, Gregory 1970 Advisor: Thomas Scott "Pressure and Temperature Dependence of the Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constant of 23Na in NaNO3"
Da Silva, Rica 1988 Advisor: Gerard Emch "Classical Dynamics in Curved Space Dynamical Groups, C.C.R. and Geometric Quantization"
Danese, John 1973 Chair: J. Slater Co-Chair: John Sabin "Non-Muffin-Tin Corrections to the Total Molecular Energy in the Multiple-Scattering X Alpha Method of Molecular Calculation"
Das, Rajib 2011 Chair: Andrew Rinzler "Enhanced Utility of Carbon Nanotube Film-Morphology, Doping, Electrocatalysis and Energy Applications"
Das, Ritesh 2010 Chair: Art Hebard "Magnetism in nanoscale materials, effect of finite size and dipolar interactions "
Dasbiswas, Kinjal 2012 Chair: Alan Dorsey "The role of defects in novel superfluid phenomena, mainly supersolid helium and cold gases"
Datta, Saiti 2009 Chair: Stephen Hill "Studying the Effects of Interplay between Anisotropy and Exchange in Molecular Nanomagnets"
Davies, Chad 1995 Chair: James Hunter "Numerical modeling of large N galactic disk systems"
Davis, Robert 1971 Chair: Guy Omer "Structure in Clusters of Galaxies
Deepak, Adarsh 1969 Chair: Alex Green "Second and Higher Order Scattering of Light in a Settling
Polydisperse Aerosol"

Delamater, Norman 1984 Chair: Charles Hooper "Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Laser Produced Plasmas"
Delker, Thomas 2001 Chair: David Reitze "Demonstration of a prototype dual-recycled cavity-enhanced Michelson interferometer for gravitational wave detection"
Deng, Lili 2014 Chair: Kevin Ingersent "Anderson Impurity Models with Bosons as Descriptions of Molecular Devices and Heavy-Fermion Systems"
DeReggi, Aime 1966 Chair: Thomas Scott "Studies in Nuclear Relaxation"
Desch, Michael 1976 Chair: Thomas Carr "Groundbased and Spacecraft Studies of Jupiter at Decameter and Hectometer Wavelengths"
Dhakal, Tara 2008 Chair: Amlan Biswas "Manipulating the Magnetic Domains of Hole-Doped Manganites by Using Electric Field"
Dilanji, Gabe 2014 Chair: Stephen Hagen "Quorum Regulation Over Long Distances: Sinorhizobium meliloti Surface Motility and Gene Regulation by Diffusing Autoinducer Signals"
Diz, Agustin 1992 Chair: Yngve Öhrn "Phosphorus-31 NMR Spectroscopy of Human Osteosarcoma Cell Lines Implanted into Nude Mice : The Feasibility of Early Diagnosis of Chemotherapy Response and Resistance"
Doda, David 1980 Chair: Alex Green Co-Chair: Charles Hooper "Surface Reflectance Measurements in the Ultraviolet from an Airborne Platform"
Donelan, Darsa 2016 Chair: Katia Matcheva "The Effects of Atmospheric Gravity Waves on the Atmosphere of Titan"
Donivan, Frank 1970 Chair: Thomas Carr "Radio Investigations of Clusters of Galaxies"
Donoghue, Evan 2012 Chair: Andrew Rinzler "Organic Electronic Devices Using Graphene and Highly Purified Thin Films of Carbon Nanotubes as Transparent Conductive Electrodes"
Dooley, Katherine 2011 Chair: David Reitz "Design and Performance of High Laser Power Interferometers for Gravitational-wave Detection"
Douglas, Andrew 2009 Chair: Khandker Muttalib "Electron Transport near the Anderson Transition"
Doverspike, Lynn 1966 Chair: Thomas Bailey "Energetic and angular studies on N2D and ArD formation"
Drozdetskiy, Alexey 2007 Chair: Guenakh Mitselmakher Co-Chair: Andrey Korytov Standard Model Higgs Boson Discovery Potential in the Decay Channel H -> ZZ(*) -> 4 mu with the CMS Detector
Du, Maohua 2003 Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng "Theoretical Modeling and Design of Complex Materials"
Du, Xu 2004 Chair: Art Hebard "Magnetotransport and Tunneling Study of the Semimetals Bismuth and Graphite"
Duensing, George 1994 Chair: E. Raymond Andrew "Signal-to-Noise Ratio Improvement in NMR via Reciever Hardware Optimization"
Dunnill, William 1965 Chair: John Flowers "Ion beam-plasma interactions"
Duffy, Leanne 2006 Chair: Pierre Sikivie “High Resolution Search for Dark Matter"
Axions in Milky Way Halo Substructure”

Dulock, Victor 1964 Chair: Arthur Broyles Co-Chair: B. Thomas "A Study of Accidental Degeneracy in Hamiltonian Mechanics"
Dunn, Tucson 1966 Chair: Arthur Broyles "An Approximation to the Electron Gas Slater Sum in the Form of a Boltzman Factor Involving Pair-Potentials"
Dutcher, Clinton 1968 Chair: Thomas Scott "Pressure Dependence of the Fermi Surface of Metals"
Dutta, Sandipan 2013 Chair: James Dufty "Classical Representation of Quantum Systems at Equilibrium"


Ebersole, John 1974 Chair: Stanley Ballard "An Investigation of the Linear Electro-Optic Effect of Epitaxial Zinc Sulfide Films for Integrated Optics"
Efimov, Anatoly 2000 Chair: David Reitze "Adaptive Control of Lasers and their Interactions with Matter Using Femtosecond Pulse Shaping"
Eichholz, Johannes 2015 Chair: Guido Mueller "Digital Heterodyne Laser Frequency Stabilization for Space-Based Gravitational Wave Detectors and Measuring Coating Brownian Noise at Cryogenic Temperatures"
Endal, Andrew 1974 Chair: Kwan-Yu Chen "The Advanced Evolution of a 15 Solar Mass Star"
Engel, Bradley 1988 Chair: Gary Ihas "Ultrasound and nuclear magnetism in bulk and confined liquid helium-3"
Eoff, Kay 1964 Chair: John Flowers "Townsend's First Ionization Coefficient in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields"
Escobar, Jesus 2011 Chair: Pierre Ramond "SUSY SU(5) Model with Flavor Group Delta(54)"
Evans, Morgan 1994 Chair: Neil Sullivan "Orientational and Translational Properties of Hydrogen Films Adsorbed onto Boron Nitride"


Fallon, Fredrick 1975 Chair: Sabatino Sofia Co-Chair: Heinrich Wurmb "Stellar Motions in the Orion Nebula Cluster"
Feng, Qun 1991 Chair: David Micha "A Time-Dependent Molecular Orbital Approach to Ion- Solid Surface Collisions"
Fisher, Matt 2014 Chair: Ivan Furic "Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to a Bottom Quark Pair with the CMS Detector"
Fleck, Robert 1977 Chair: James Hunter "Magnetic Braking during Star Formation"
Flesch, Terry 1975 Chair: Frank Wood "Flare-Related Color Effects in UV Ceti Stars"
Folsom, George 1970 Chair: Alex Smith "Optical Variations of Quasars and Related Galaxies
Furman, Dennis 1973 Chair: Sheo Prasad "A Study of Some Current Problems in Terrestrial Ionospheric Behavior


Gangadharaiah, Suhas 2005 Chair: Dimitrii Maslov "Interacting Fermions in Two Dimensions: Effective Mass, Specific Heat, and Singularities in Perturbation Theory"
Gao, Feng 1992 Chair: David Tanner "Temperature Dependence of Infrared and Optical Properties of High Temperature Superconductors"
Garland, Gregory 1984 Chair: James Dufty "First Density Correction to the Transport Coefficients for a Square Well Gas: Temperature Dependence and Bound State Effects"
Garrett, Andrew 1998 Chair: Steven Nagler "Low dimensional magnetic exchange in vanadyl pyrosphosphate and vanadyl hydrogen phospate hemihydrate"
Gartner, Joseph 2011 Chair: Darin Acosta "The Study of the Z Boson Transverse Momentum Spectrum Recorded by the Compact Muon Solenoid From 2010 Large Hadron Collider Data"
Gay, Jackson 1963 Chair: Per-Olov Lowdin "Lower Bounds to the Eigenvalues of Hamiltonians by Intermediate

Genio, Edgar 1997 Chair: Neil Sullivan "Low Temperature Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Studies of Antimony and Application of Thermometry"
Getty, Stephanie 2001 Chair: Art Hebard "Electron transport studies of the ferromagnetic semiconductor calcium hexaboride"
Ghosh, Siddhartha 2012 Chair: Art Hebard "Experimental Studies on Magnetic Nano Structures and Anti-Ferromagnetic Thin Films"
Gonzalez, Miguel 2012 Chair: Yoonseok Lee "Development and Application of MEMS Devices for the Study of Liquid He-3"
Gordon, David 1979 Chair: Stephen Gottesman "A Neutral Hydrogen Survey of Blue Compact Galaxies"
Goswami, Debajit 2011 Chair: Alan Dorsey "Role of Defects in the Supersolid Phenomena"
Grange, Joe 2013 Chair: Heather Ray "First Measurement of the Muon Anti-Neutrino Charged Current Quasielastic Double-Differential Cross Section"
Granroth, Garrett 1998 Chair: Mark Meisel "Experimental Studies of Integer Spin Antiferromagnetic Chains"
Grant, Daniel 2015 Chair: Biswas, Amlan "Effect of Electric Field and Strain on the Magnetic Properties of Phase Separated Manganites"
Grant, Mark 1994 Chair: Elizabeth Seiberling "Heteroepitaxial Dimer Structures on the Silicon(100)Surface"
Griggs, David 1977 Chair: Henry Weller "Alpha Particle States in Light Nuclei"
Group, Robert 2006 Chair: Rick Field Co-Chair: Konstantin Matchev “Measurement of the Inclusive Jet Cross Section Using the Midpoint Algorithm in Run II at the Collidor Detector at Fermilab (CDF)”
Gudmundsson, Skuli 2006 Chair: Charles Thorn “Studies of Lightcone World Sheet Dynamics in Perturbation Theory and with Monte Carlo Simulations”
Gulkis, Samuel 1965 Chair: Thomas Carr "A theoretical model for the emission of the decametric radiation from Jupiter"
Gunderson, Mark 2001 Chair: Charles Hooper Co-Chair: James Dufty "Strong collisions in the electron broadening of spectral lines from charged radiators in hot, dense plasmas"


Haas, Richard 2001 Chair: Richard Field "The underlying event in hard scattering collisions of proton and antiproton at 1.8 TEV"
Hackney, Karen 1973 Chair: Alex Smith "Three-Color Photographic Photometry of Active Quasi-Stellar Radio Sources"
Hackney, Richard 1972 Chair: Alex Smith "Optical Behavior of Peculiar Extragalactic Radio Sources"
Hagmann, Christian 1990 Chair: Neil Sullivan Co-Chair: David Tanner "A Search for Cosmic Ions"
Haigh, Paul 1961 Chair: Stanley Ballard Co-Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Resonance in Liquid and Solid Nitrogen"
Hall, Benjamin 2011 Chair: Jack Sabin "Nuclear Wave Packet Dynamics on Folded Potential Surfaces"
Halpern, Todd 1968 Chair: Alex Green Co-Chair: Bernard Chern "A Consistent Field-Theoretic Perturbative Calculation to Z of Corrections to the Fermi Function"
Hamdan, Rashid 2014 Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng "Numerical Study of The Mechanical Loss in Amorphous Oxides"
Hare, Brian 2016 Chair: Katia Matcheva "Relationship of Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes and Cosmic Ray Air Showers to Natural and Triggered Lightning"
Harkless, Curtis 1990 Chair: Steven Nagler "An X-ray scattering study of ordering in block copolymers"
Hartman, Michael 2015 Chair: Guido Mueller "Measurement of Thermal Noise in Dielectric Mirrors and Parallel Phase Modulation for Gravitational-wave Detectors"
Harvel, Christopher 1974 Chair: Frank Wood "Radiative Transfer in Circumstellar Dust"
Hasan, MD 2012 Chair: Sergei Obukhov "Dynamics of a Gaussian chain in Gas phase and in confined geometry"
Haskins, Penelope 1984 Chair: Eugene Dunnam "Nuclear Spectroscopy Studies of SR"
Hattox, Thomas 1972 Chair: John Slater Co-Chair: James Conklin "A Calculation of the Magnetization and Total Energy of Vanadium as a Function of Lattice Parameter"
Haynes, Donald 1997 Chair: Charles Hooper "Analysis of hot dense plasmas and consideration of Stark broadening theory applied to transitions involving continuum radiator wave functions"
Hearin, Patrick 2011 Chair: Pierre Ramond "Light-Cone Super Space BPS Equations and OSp (2,2|16)"
Heberlein, David 1969 Chair: Dwight Adams "Thermal Expansion and Isothermal Compressibility of Solid Nitrogen and Methane"
Hembree, Robert 2014 Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng Co-Chair: David Micha "Photoconductivity at Nanostructured Semiconductor Surfaces: A Density Matrix Approach"
Henderson, Thomas 2004 Chair: Rodney Bartlett "Short-Range Correlation in Molecular Physics: The Basis Set Problem and the Correlation Hole"
Herrero, Federico 1968 Chair: Thomas Bailey "Differential Elastic Ion-Atom Scattering at Low Energies"
Heston, Nathan 2009 Chair: David Tanner "Conjugated Polymers in Bulk Heterojunction Photovoltaic Devices"
Hettler, Matthias 1996 Chair: Peter Hirschfeld "Impurities in Metals and Superconductors"
Hill, Andrew 2011 Chair: James Fry "Effects of Helium Recombination in the Early Universe"
Hochstim, Adolf 1967 Chair: Alex Green "Electric Conductivity of Weakly Ionized Gases"
Hong, Deog 1988 Chair: Pierre Ramond "A Geometrical Approach in String Field Theory"
Hopkins, Chad 2017 Chair: Adrian Roitberg "Optimization of Computational Chemistry Techniques" Hoskins, Jeff 2014 Chair: David Tanner A Modulation Sensitive Search for Non-Virialized Axions
Huang, Ming 1988 Chair: Francis Dunnam
Hudspeth, Heather 2000 Chair: Fred Sharifi "Electron Tunneling Measurements on Ferromagnetically Doped Lanthanum Manganite Films"
Hudspeth, Quentin 2001 Chair: Art Hebard "Characterization of two carbon-sixty systems: electron-doped carbon-sixty monolayers on thin-film metal underlayers, and composite films of carbon-sixty nickel"
Hugon, Justin 2015 Chair: Darin Acosta "A Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to Muons in LHC Data with the CMS Experiment"
Hunter, George 1941 Chair: D. Swanson "The Development and Calibration of a Van de Graaf Type Electrostatic Generator"
Hussey, Thomas 1974 Chair: Charles Hooper "A Kinetic Theory of Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas"
Hwang, James 1977 Chair: Thomas Scott "Pressure Dependence of the Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constant and the Knight Shift of Single Crystal Gallium"
Hwang, Jungseek 2001 Chair: David Tanner "Electrochemical spectroscopy of conjugated polymers"


Iglesias, Carlos 1981 Chair: Charles Hooper "The calculation of electric microfield distributions"
Inman, Jessica 2013 Co-Chair: Stephen Hagen Mathematics "Examples of Reaction-Diffusion Equations in Biological Systems: Marine Protected Areas and Quorum Sensing"
Ioup, George 1968 Chair: Thomas Bailey Co-Chair: B. Thomas "Analysis of Low Energy Atomic and Molecular Collisions: Semiclassical Elastic Scattering Calculations and Deconvolution of Data"
Irges, Nikolaos 1999 Chair: Pierre Ramond "Anomalous U(1) gauge symmetry in superstring inspired low energy effective theories"
Ishol, Lyle 1976 Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of 14N in Single Crystal Glycine and of 15N in Liquid and solid N2"

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