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SAAB, Tarek

Agnese, Robert 2017 "Simulating the SuperCDMS Dark Matter Detector Response and Readout"
Welliver, Brad 2016 "Dedicated Searches for Low and High Mass WIMPs with the SuperCDMS Soudan iZIP Detectors"


Hall, Benjamin 2011 "Nuclear Wave Packet Dynamics on Folded Potential Surfaces"
Mintmire, John 1980 "An LCAO local density functional approach to surface electronic structure calculations"

SCOTT, Thomas

Carolan, James 1969 "A Nuclear Relaxation Study of Molecular Motion in Liquid and Solid Ammonia"
Choy, William 1967 "Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of 14N Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy"
D'Allessio, Gregory 1970 "Pressure and Temperature Dependence of the Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constant of 23Na in NaNO3"
DeReggi, Aime 1966 "Studies in Nuclear Relaxation"
Dutcher, Clinton 1968 "Pressure Dependence of the Fermi Surface of Metals"
Hwang, James 1977 "Pressure Dependence of the Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constant and the Knight Shift of Single Crystal Gallium"
Ishol, Lyle 1976 "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of 14N in Single Crystal Glycine and of 15N in Liquid and solid N2"
Krishan, Kamala 1966 "Thermal Expansion in Dilute Solid Solutions"
Matzkanin, George 1966 "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Metals"
McEnnan, Marilyn 1971 "Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Frequency and Line Shape in Isotopic Mixtures of Solid Alpha-Nitrogen"
Milton, James 1966 "Pressure Dependence of Magnetic Transitions"
Yang, Kohsiung 1977 "Nuclear Resonance in Dispersed Systems"

SEIBERLING, L. Elizabeth

Bailes, Allison 1998 "Flat or Lumpy: Surface Structure and Growth Modes in Silicon-Germanium Epitaxy"
Boshart, Mark 1996 "A Channeled Ion Energy Loss Study of the Surfactant-Mediated Growth of GE ON SI(100)"
Grant, Mark 1994 "Heteroepitaxial Dimer Structures on the Silicon(100) Surface"


Hudspeth, Heather 2000 "Electron Tunneling Measurements on Ferromagnetically Doped Lanthanum Manganite Films"


Boring, Arthur 1968 "A Study of the Band Structure of Sodium"
Connolly, John 1966 "The Energy Band Structure of Ferromagnetic Nickel"
Hattox, Thomas 1972 Co-Chair: James Conklin "A Calculation of the Magnetization and Total Energy of Vanadium as a Function of Lattice Parameter"


Duffy, Leanne 2006 “High Resolution Search for Dark Matter Axions in Milky Way Halo Substructure”
Kim, Jaewan 1995 "Small Scale Structure on Relativistic Strings"
Natarajan, Aravind 2007 "Inner Caustics of Cold Dark Matter Halos"
Onemli, Vakif 2003 "Gravitational Lensing by Dark Matter Caustics"
Yang, Qiaoli 2012 "Axion BEC: a model beyond CDM"


Block, Wilbur 1965 "Spectrum and origin of the Jovian radio burst structure"
Brooker, Hampton 1962 Co-Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance in Indium Compunds"
Carr, Thomas 1958 "Studies of Radio Frequency Radiations from the Planets"
Carr, Roger 1967 Co-Chair: K-Y Chen "Photoelectric Photometry of CZ Aquarii and UV Piscium"
Chatterton, Neil 1961 "Spectral Characteristics of the Radio-Frequency Outbursts of the Planet Jupiter"
Folsom, George 1970 "Optical Variations of Quasars and Related Galaxies
Hackney, Richard 1972 "Optical Behavior of Peculiar Extragalactic Radio Sources"
Leacock, Robert. 1971 "An Extended Analysis of Certain Features of Jupiter's Decametric Emission"
Lebo, George 1964 "Decameter-Wavelength Radio Observations of the Planets in 1962"
McGimsey, Ben 1974 "Optical Brightness and Polarization of Quasars and Related Objects"
Miller, Hugh 1970 "Jupiter's Decametric Flux: A Consistent Two-Dimensional Analysis, 1957-1970"
Morgan, Thomas 1972 A "Fluid Dynamics of Circumstellar Material Associated with Be Stars"
Olsson, Carl 1970 "Analytical Studies of Selected Jovian Decametric Phenomena"
Register, Henry 1968 "Decameter-Wavelength Radio Observations of the Planet Jupiter 1957-1968"
Rowell, Neal 1954 "An Electron Diffraction Study of Alloys Produced by the Simultaneous Vacuum Evaporation of Aluminum and Copper"
Saunders, Morton 1956 "Optical Studies of Turbulent Media"
Scott, Roger 1975 "Photographic Studies of Quasi-Stellar Objects and other Active Radio Sources"
Shever, Izzydor 1967 "Influence of Io On Jovian Decametric Radiation"
Six, Norman 1963 "Analysis of the Decameter-Wavelength Radio Emmission from the Planet Jupiter"
Thieman, James 1977 "Higher Resolution Studies of Jupiter's Decametric Radio Emissions"
Vatsia, Misri 1958 "A Phase Contrast Investigation of Atmospheric Turbulence"
Wynn, Marion 1965 "Electron detachment in collisions of 0 - ions with rare gas atoms"

SOFIA, Sabatino

Fallon, Fredrick 1975 Co-Chair: Heinrich Wurmb "Stellar Motions in the Orion Nebula Cluster"

STANTON, Christopher

Li, Jianzhong 1997 "Electronic, optical and transport properties of widegap II-VI semiconductors"
Liu, Rongliang 2004 "Theoretical Studies of Coherent Optic and Acoustic Phonons in GaN/
InGaN Heterostructures"

Pan, Xingyuan 2010 "Magneto-Optical Properties of Narrow-Gap Semiconductor Heterostructures"
Rustagi, Avinash 2016 "Optical and Transport Properties of Zero Gap and Finite Gap Semiconductors"
Saha, Dipta 2014 "Magneto-Optical Properties of Narrow Gap Semiconductor Nanostructures"
Sun, Yongke 2005 “Theoretical Studies of the Electronic, Magneto-Optical, and Transport Properties of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors”
Sun, Yuanshan 1990 (Co-Chair) "Matrix method of solution for coupled Boltzmann equations and its applications to superfluid 3He and semiconductors"
Thatcher, Evan 2015 Co-Chair: David Tanner "Resonant Frequencies and Optical Properties of Solids"
Zhang, Haidong 2007 (Co-Chair) "Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy of Magnetic Semiconductors and Superconductors"

STEWART, Gregory

Kim, Jung Soo 1992 "Doping Experiments in Heavy Fermion Superconductors"
Kim, Weonwoo 1995 "Doping Experiments on Magnetic Heavy Fermion Superconductors"
Mixson, Daniel 2005 "Differing Roles of Disorder: Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior in UCu5-xNix and Curie Temperature Enhancement in UCu2Si2-xGex "
Thomas, Steve 1998 "An Investigation of Some Unusual Single Crystals of the Heavy Fermion Superconductor UBe13"


Evans, Morgan 1994 "Orientational and Translational Properties of Hydrogen Films Adsorbed onto Boron Nitride"
Genio, Edgar 1997 "Low Temperature Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Studies of Antimony and Application of Thermometry"
Hagmann, Christian 1990 Co-Chair: David Tanner "A Search for Cosmic Axions"
Ji, Yu 2012 "NMR Studies of Quantum Gases Confined in Mesoporous Materials"
Kim, Kiho 1996 "NMR Studies of the Orientational Behavior of Quantum Solid Hydrogen Films Adsorbed on Boron Nitride"
Kim, Sungsu 2011 "A study of nuclear spin relaxation in isotopic mixture of dilute 3He in solid 4He using NMR"
Lin, Ying 1988 "Theory of Nuclear Magnetism of Solid Hydrogen at Low Temperatures"
Pilla, Subrahmanyam 1999 "Electric-Field Induced Glass Phase in Molecular Solids at Low Temperatures"
Rall, Markus 1991 "NMR Studies of Molecular Hydrogen Confined to the Pores of Zeolite"
Tang, Yibing 2016 "NMR Studies of 2D Quantum Systems: Helium-3 Adsorbed on Boron Nitride"
Zhou, Dawei 1990 "Quantum Tunneling in Solid Hydrogen"


Carlton, Patrick 1966 Co-Chair: Francis Dunnam "Excited Nuclear States of Sulfur and Argon Produced by 3-4 MeV Alpha Particles"
Hunter, George 1941 "The Development and Calibration of a Van de Graaf Type Electrostatic Generator"
Jaszczak, Ronald 1968 Co-Chair: Francis Dunnam "A Study of the Radiative Capture of 4He by 12C Below 4 MeV"
Sawyer, Earl 1960 "Studies of Certain Proton-Target and Deuteron-Target Reactions in the Energy Range of 0.1 to 0.6 MEV"
Singh, Ram 1956 "The Determination of Energy Levels of Fluorine 19 and Sulphur 32 by O18 (d,n) F19, and P31 (d,n) S 32 Reactions"

TAKANO, Yasumasa

Aoyama, Chris 2015 "Experimental Studies of Low Dimensional Quantum Antiferromagnets"
Kim, Younghak 2011 "Phase Transitions, Thermodynamics, and Magnetism of the Low-Dimensional Antiferromagnets Cr(diethylenetriamine) (O2)2H2O and (CH3)2CHNH3CuCl3"
Miyamoto, Satoru 1995 "Torsion Pendulum Studies of 4He in Nanopores"
Moyland, Paul 1997 "Nuclear magnetism and negative temperatures in silver"
Ninios, Konstantinos 2011 Co-Chair: Ho Bun Chan "Development of micromechanical magnetometers for measuring magnetization at high magnetic fields and low temperatures"
Sherline, Todd 2006 “Antiferromagnetism in Cesium Tetrabromocuprate (II) and Body-Centered-Cubic Solid Helium

TAN, Jonathan

Wu, Benjamin 2016 "Giant Molecular Cloud Collisions as Triggers of Star Cluster Formation: Numerical Simulations and Observational Predictions


Arenas, Daniel 2009 "The content of ETD will be sent to ProQuest/UMI at the end of the above embargo period"
Brubaker, Gil 2012 "Assembly of Spherical, Sub-Micron Stober Silica Spheres into Hexagonal Arrays in Ethoxylated Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate"
Boychev, Vladimir 2001 Co-Chair: Art Hebard "Far-infrared studies of superconducting thin films and Fabry-Perot resonators made of such films"
Chen, Minghan 2005 “Optical Studies of High Temperature Superconductors and Electronic Dielectric Materials”
Gao, Feng 1992 "Temperature Dependence of Infrared and Optical Properties of High Temperature Superconductors"
Heston, Nathan 2009 "Conjugated Polymers in Bulk Heterojunction Photovoltaic Devices"
Hoskins, Jeff 2014 A Modulation Sensitive Search for Non-Virialized Axions
Hwang, Jungseek 2001 "Electrochemical spectroscopy of conjugated polymers"
Kim, Young 1986 "Far-infrared Absorption by Small Particles"
Koo, Changhyun 2011 Co-Chair: Stephen Hill "High Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of the Anisotropy of Molecular Magnets and a Spin Dimer Compound"
Koukis, Dimitrios 2011 "Transmittance and Reflectance Spectroscopy of Diffractive Optical Device"
LaVeigne, Joseph 1999 "Time resolved infrared spectroscopy at the NSLS U12IR beamline"
Liu, Hsiang-Lin 1997 "Effects of High Magnetic Field and Substitutional Doping on Optical Properties of Cuprate Superconductors"
Liu, Junjie 2012 Co-Chair: Stephen Hill "Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Symmetry Enforced Quantum Tunneling in Molecule-Based Magnets"
Long, Chang 2016 "Optical properties of metallic 2-D and 3-D terahertz metamaterials"
Marcet, Zsolt 2012 Co-Chair: HoBun Chan "Resonant Excitation of Metallic Structures by Incident Electromagnetic Waves"
Margankunte, Naveen 2008 "Infrared Spectroscopy of Complex Oxides of Phase Separated Manganites and Electron Doped Cuprates"
Miller, Kevin 2013 "Infrared study of magnetic and electric excitations in novel complex oxides"
Nasrollahi, Zahra 2014 Spectroscopoic Studies of Polymers in Transmissive/Absorptive Electrochromic Devices, and Doped Graphite
Nikolou, Maria 2005 “In-situ Spectroscopic Studies of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Conjugated Polymers in Electrochromic Devices”
Ottens, Richard 2014 "A Study of Evanescent-Wave Heat Transfer in a Parallel Plane Geometry"
Quijada, Manuel 1994 "Anisotropy in the Infrared, Optical, and Transport Properties of High Temperature Superconductors"
Tache, Nacira 1997 "Infrared and Optical Studies of Rare Earth Substitutions in High Temperature Superconductors"
Tashiro, Hidenori 2004 "Time-Resolved Infrared Studies of Superconducting Molybdenum-Germanium Thin Films"
Thatcher, Evan 2015 Co-Chair "Resonant Frequencies and Optical Properties of Solids"
Uzakbaiuly, Berik 2016 "Infrared Spectroscopy of High Purity Silicon and Silicon Immersion Gratings"
Voss, Daniel Valentin 2016 "Fast Alignment Control of an Optical Resonator"
Wint, Andrew 2004 "Search for an Infrared Electro-Optic Effect in Thin High Temperature Superconducting Films"
Wise, Stacy, 2006, “Sensitivity Enhancement in Future Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors”
Woo, Hyung-Suk 1990 "Optical Properties of Segmented and Oriented Polyacetylene"
Woo, Kwangje 2006 “Transmission Properties of Sub-Wavelength Hole Arrays in Metal Films”
Wu, Wan 2007 "Instrumentation of the Next Generation Gravitational Wave Detector -Triple Pendulum Suspension and Electro-Optical Modulator"
Xi, Xiaoxiang 2011 "Conventional and Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Magnetic Properties of Superconducting Thin Films"
Yan, Luyi 2016 "Optical properties of cuprate superconductors"
Yang, Xiao Qing 1986 "Optical and Electronic Properties of Heavily-Doped Polyacetylene"
Yoon, Young-Duck 1995 "Optical Properties of Doped Cuprates and Related Materials"
Zhang, Haidong 2007 "Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy of Magnetic Semiconductors and Superconductors"

THORN, Charles

Carbon, Steve 1993 "Sister Trajectories in String Theory"
Chu, Mei-Fang 1990 "Operator Methods in Superstring Theory"
Gudmundsson, Skuli 2006 “Studies of Lightcone World Sheet Dynamics in Perturbation Theory and with Monte Carlo Simulations”
Mikaelian, Samuel 1996 "Phenomenological Aspects of the Standard Model: High Energy QCD, Renormalization, and a Supersymmetric Extension"
Qiu, Jian 2007 "Renormalization of Gauge Theory on the Light Cone World Sheet"
Rojas, Francisco 2012 "High Energy Scattering and Renormalization in the NS+ String and Large N QCD"


Worth, Joseph 1976 "APW Calculation of the Electron-Phonon Interaction in Solid Argon and Neon"
Zhu, Wuming 2005 "Numerical and Exact Density Functional Studies of Light Atoms in Strong Magnetic Fields"


McCormick, Larry 1979 Co-Chair: Francis Dunnam "Particle Induced X-Ray Emission Study of Rod Outer Segment Disc Membranes"
Soares, Christopher 1976 "K- and L-Shell X-Ray Production Cross Sections for Alpha Particles in the 1 to 4 MeV Range on Selected Thin Targets"


Griggs, David 1977 "Alpha Particle States in Light Nuclei"
McBroom, Robert 1977 "Proton Radiative Capture by Tritium Below 30 MeV"
Ott, William 1971 "Alpha-Particle States in 19Ne and 15N"

WHITING, Bernard

Mytidis, Antonis 2015 "Constraining the R-Mode Saturation Amplitude from a Hypothetical Detection of R-Mode Gravitational Waves from a Newborn Neutron Star: Detection Strategies and Machine Learning Algorithms"
Price, Lawrence 2007 "Developments in the Perturbation Theory of Algebraically Special Spacetimes"
Shankar, Karthik 2007 "Black Hole Evaporation: Validity of Quasi-Static Approximation"


Jones, June 1953 Co-Chair: M. Gordon "A Variational Procedure for Improving the Born Approximation as Applied to the Scattering of Electrons by Hydrogen Atoms"


Rafert, James 1978 "Mass and Momentum Exchange in Close Binary Systems (Part I and II)"


Sun, Yuanshan 1990 Co-Chair: Chris Stanton "Matrix method of solution for coupled Boltzmann equations and its applications to superfluid 3He and semiconductors"

WOOD, Frank

Flesch, Terry 1975 "Flare-Related Color Effects in UV Ceti Stars"
Harvel, Christopher 1974 "Radiative Transfer in Circumstellar Dust"
Martins, Donald 1974 "Ubvri Photometry of Variable Red Dwarf Emission Objects"
Rudnick, Ian 1972 "The Light Curves of W Ursae Majoris Systems"

WOODARD, Richard

Kahya, Emre 2008 "Quantum Gravitational Correction to Scalar Field Equations during Inflation"
Leonard, Katie 2013 "Graviton Corrections to Vacuum Polarization during Inflation"
Miao, Shun-Pei 2007 "The Fermion Self-Energy during Inflation"
Mora, Pedro 2014 "Graviton Propagation During Inflation"
Park, Sohyun 2011 "Scalar Contribution to the Graviton Self-Energy during Inflation"
Rubio, Jose 1994 "Reduced Hamiltonians"
Soussa, Marc 2005 "Modified Gravity Theories: Alternatives to the Missing Mass and Missing Energy Problems"
Wang, Changlong 2016 "Interactions between Photons and Gravitons during Primordial Inflation"


Angle, Jesse 2008 "Gamma Background Studies for the Xenon Experiment Using a High-Purity Germanium Detector"
Breva Newell, Luis 2004 "Decays of the Upsilon(1S) into a Photon and Two Charged Hadrons"
Manalaysay, Aaron 2009 "Response of Liquid Xenon to Low-Energy Ionizing Radiation and its Use in the XENON10 Dark Matter Search"
Muniz, Lana 2014 "Search for New Physics in Same-Sign Dilepton Events in the CMS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider"
Patel, Rukshana 2007 "First Observation and Measurements of chi_cJ Decays into Two Charged and Two Neutral Hadrons"
Potlia, Vijay 2006 “Search for Radiative Decays of Upsilon(1S) into Eta and Eta-Prime”
Prescott, Craig 2001 "Search for mixing in the neutral D meson system with decays into CP even eigenstates"
Remington, Ronald 2011 "Searching for Supersymmetry with Same-Sign Di-Leptons Using the Cms Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider"
Rubiera, Antonio 2000 "Exclusive measurements in B D N N X"
Zheng, Jiu 1999 "Studies of charmed baryons decaying to lambda+C (n pi)"

ZERNER, Michael

Chacon, Monique 1993 "The reduced-expended space method applied to electronic specroscopy"

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