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Deepak, Adarsh 1969 "Second and Higher Order Scattering of Light in a Settling Polydisperse Aerosol"
Doda, David 1980 Co-Chair: Charles Hooper "Surface Reflectance Measurements in the Ultraviolet from an Airborne Platform"
Halpern, Todd 1968 Co-Chair: Bernard Chern "A Consistent Field-Theoretic Perturbative Calculation to Z of Corrections to the Fermi Function"
Hochstim, Adolf 1967 "Electric Conductivity of Weakly Ionized Gases"
Jackman, Charles 1978 "Spatial and Energetic Aspects of Electron Energy Deposition"
Logue, Laurence 1968 Co-Chair: Bernard Chern "Comparison of the Usual Fermi Function for a Point Nucleus with a Field Theoretic Perturbative Calculation to Z2OC2"
Lipofsky, Barton 1970 "Single Scattering of Light by Polydispersed Aerosols"
Mason, David 1968 "Proton-Proton Bremsstrahlung"
McPeters, Richard 1975 "Scattered Sunlight in the Atmosphere, from the Middle Ultraviolet through the near Infrared"
Miller, Lewis 1971 "Relativistic Self-Consistent Field Calculations Per Nuclei"
Riewe, Frederick 1971 "Generalized Field Theory and Form Factors of Nucleons and Atoms"
Schippnick, Paul 1984 "Time Dependent Diffusion Kinetics for an Electron Beam Incident in Water Vapor"
Sharma, Ravi 1966 "Velocity Dependent Boson Exchange Potentials and Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering in the Born Approximation"
Stolarski, Richard 1966 "Energy Degradation of Electrons in Atmospheric Gases"


Moore, Sean 1999 "Optical properties of lamellar copper oxides with in-plane magnetic and charged impurities"

GREGG, James

Yu, Ning 1975 "Cell Contact Mediated Differentiation in Dictyostelium"


Moore, Harold 1956 "Deuteron Stripping Reactions on Carbon and Oxygen: A Comparison of Theory and Experiment"
Murphy, John 1958 "Investigations into the Theory of High Energy Accelerators"


Gordon, David 1979 "A Neutral Hydrogen Survey of Blue Compact Galaxies"
Johnson, Douglas 1980 "A Study of the Interstellar Medium in NGC 185 and other Early-Type Galaxies"
Killian, David 1978 "Tidal Interactions Between M81, M82, and NGC 3077"
Maloney, Frank 1977 "Lunar Occultation Observations of the Crab Nebula"
Seacord, Andrew 1975 "Radio Spectral Line Studies of the Interstellar Medium in the Galactic Plane"

HAGEN, Stephen

Dilanji, Gabe 2014 "Quorum Regulation Over Long Distances: Sinorhizobium meliloti Surface Motility and Gene Regulation by Diffusing Autoinducer Signals"
Inman, Jessica 2013 Mathematics (Co-Chair) "Examples of Reaction-Diffusion Equations in Biological Systems: Marine Protected Areas and Quorum Sensing"
Narayanan, Ranjani 2009 "Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopic Studies of Rate-Limiting Events in Protein Folding and Binding"
Omjoy, Ganesh 2008 (Co-Chair, College of Medicine) "Intrinsic disorder in proteins: folding of the yeast proteinase inhibitor IA3"
Pabit, Sersita 2004 "Fast Dynamics in Protein Folding: Time-Resolved Fluorescence and Absorbance Studies of Polypeptide Reconfigurations"
Perez, Pablo 2011 "Stochasticity in Quorum Sensing: lux Expression in Vibrio fischeri at the Single Cell Level"
Qiu, LinLin 2003 "Laser Induced Temperature Jump Investigations of Fast Protein Folding Dynamics"
Son, Minjun 2014 "Analysis of Stochasticity in Competence Regulation of Streptococcus Mutans Using Microfluidics and Single Cell Analysis"

HANSON, Harold

Knight, John 1954 "Investigations in Homopolar and Ionic Binding Through the Technique of X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy"


Berke, Kara 2013 "Graphene Growth, Doping, and Characterization for Device Applications"
Buvaev, Sanal 2014 "Magnetotransport Study of Disordered Thin Films"
Das, Ritesh 2010 "Magnetism in nanoscale materials, effect of finite size and dipolar interactions "
Du, Xu 2004 "Magnetotransport and Tunneling Study of the Semimetals Bismuth and Graphite"
Getty, Stephanie 2001 "Electron transport studies of the ferromagnetic semiconductor calcium hexaboride"
Ghosh, Siddhartha 2012 "Experimental Studies on Magnetic Nano Structures and Anti-Ferromagnetic Thin Films"
Hudspeth, Quentin 2001 "Characterization of two carbon-sixty systems: electron-doped carbon-sixty monolayers
on thin-film metal underlayers, and composite films of carbon-sixty nickel"

McCarthy, Kevin 2002 "Magnetocapacitance: a probe of spin dependent potentials"
Miao, Xiaochang 2013 "Graphene/Semiconductor Schottky Devices and Their Photovoltaic Applications"
Mickel, Patrick 2011 "'Soft Electronic Matter', Magnetoelectric Coupling, and Multiferroism in Complex Oxides"
Misra, Rajiv 2009 "Experiments on Electron Interaction and Localization in Disordered Magnetic Thin Films"
Mitra, Partha 2006 “Disorder, Itinerant Ferromagnetism, and the Anomalous Hall Effect in Two Dimensions”
Nesbitt, Jeremy 2006 “Aging in Tunnel Junctions and Magnetocapacitance of Semiconductors”
Rairigh, Ryan 2006 “Colossal Magnetocapacitance and Scale-Invariant Dielectric Response in Mixed-Phase Manganites”
Selcuk, Sinan 2008 "Optical Studies of Subwavelength Structures"
Singh, Guneeta 2009 "Size Effects in Phase Separated Manganite Nanostructures"
Theodoropoulou, Nikoleta 2002 "Experimental Studies of Spin Dependent Phenomena in Giant"
Tongay, Sefaattin 2010 "Graphite-Graphene Semiconductor Junctions and Magneto-Dielectric Coupling in Schottky Diodes"
Varnoosfaderani, Sima Saeidi 2015 "Doping Graphene with Manganese-Based Single Molecule Magnets: Electronic Properties"


Choy, TatSang 2001 "Electron transport theory in magnetic nanostructures"
Roffman, David 2016 "Resonant Surface Scattering on Nanowires"
Majumdar, Kingshuk 1999 "Study of Transport Properties in Magnetic Nanostructures"

HILL, Stephen

Datta, Saiti 2009 "Studying the Effects of Interplay between Anisotropy and Exchange in Molecular Nanomagnets"
Koo, Changhyun 2011 (Co-Chair) "High Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of the Anisotropy of Molecular Magnets and a Spin Dimer Compound"
Lawrence, Jonathan 2007 "Comprehensive High Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Single Molecule Magnets"
Liu, Junjie 2012 (Co-Chair) "Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Symmetry Enforced Quantum Tunneling in Molecule-Based Magnets"
Takahashi, Susumu 2005 “Angle-Dependent High Magnetic Field Microwave Spectroscopy of Low Dimensional Conductors and Superconductors”


Borkowski, Lech 1995 "Impurities in Unconventional Superconductors"
Boyd, Gregory 2010 "Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Unconventional Superconductors and Multiferroics"
Chen, Wei 2008 "Disorder and Correlations in Metallic Cuprates"
Choubey, Peayush 2017 "Theoretical Visualization of Atomic-Scale Phenomena in Inhomogeneous Superconductors">
Hettler, Matthias 1996 "Impurities in Metals and Superconductors"
Mishra, Vivek 2011 "Fluctuation, Disorder and Inhomogeneity in Unconventional Superconductors"
Rowe, Wenya 2014 "Spin Fluctuation Theory for Unconventional Superconductivity in Antiferromagnetic Metals"
Wang, Yan 2014 "Theory of Gap Symmetry and Structure in Fe-Based Superconductors"
Zhu, Lingyin 2005 "Quasiparticle Interference and the Local Electronic Structure of Disordered d-Wave Superconductors"

HOOPER, Charles

Back, Christina 1989 "Resonance Fluorescence in a Laser-Produced AL XII Plasma"
Delamater, Norman 1984 "Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Laser Produced Plasmas"
Gunderson, Mark 2001 Co-Chair: James Dufty "Strong collisions in the electron broadening of spectral lines from charged radiators in hot, dense plasmas"
Haynes, Donald 1997 "Analysis of hot dense plasmas and consideration of Stark broadening theory applied to transitions involving continuum radiator wave functions"
Hussey, Thomas 1974 "A Kinetic Theory of Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas"
Iglesias, Carlos 1981 "The calculation of electric microfield distributions"
Joyce, Robert 1986 "Asymmetries in plasma line broadening"
Junkel, Gwyneth 2000 "Second-order, full Coloumb electron broadening calculations for multi-electron radiators in hot, dense plasmas: a focus on dense plasma line shifts"
Kilcrease, David 1991 "Higher order microfield effects on spectral line broadening in dense plasmas"
Lee, Richard 1970 "A Green's Function Formulation of Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas"
O'Brien, John 1970 "A Relaxation Theory of Stark Broadening of He II Lines in Plasmas"
Roszman, Larry 1971 "The Effects of Ion Motion on Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas"
Tighe, Richard 1977 "A Study of Stark Broadening of High-Z Hydrogenic Ion Lines in Dense Hot Plasmas"
Wilson, Brian 1987 "The electron liquid at any degeneracy"
Woltz, Lawrence 1982 "Stark Broadening in Laser-Produced Plasmas: Full Coulomb Calculation"


Davies, Chad 1995 "Numerical modeling of large N galactic disk systems"
Fleck, Robert 1977 "Magnetic Braking during Star Formation"

IHAS, Gary

Berg, Robert 1983 "Dispersion of 5 MHZ Zero Sound in Superfluid 3He Near Tc"
Engel, Bradley 1988 "Ultrasound and nuclear magnetism in bulk and confined liquid helium-3"
Liu, Shu-Chen 2007 "Quantum Turbulence: Decay of Grid Turbulence in a Dissipationless Fluid"
Marakov, Alex 2015 "The Visualization of Quantum Turbulence in Superfluid $^4$He"
Spencer, Gregory 1986 "Nuclear Magnetism and Flow in Normal and Superfluid 3He at low pressures in confined geometries"
Thompson, Kyle 2012 "Turbulent energy decay in superfluid helium 4"
Yang, Jihee 2016 "Electrodes for water splitting electrolyzer and Li-air batteries"


Cheng, Mengxing 2010 "Quantum Phase Transitions of Magnetic Impurities in Dissipative Environments"
Chowdhury, Tathagata 2015 "A Study of Quantum Phase Transitions in Quantum Impurity Systems"
Deng, Lili 2014 "Anderson Impurity Models with Bosons as Descriptions of Molecular Devices and Heavy-Fermion Systems"
Lane, Brian 2008 "Conductances in the Two-Impurity Anderson Model"
Paul, Bruce 2000 "A study of three-impurity Kondo model"

IPSER, James

Ahmad, Ejaz 1996 "The Spacetime Manifold of a Rotating Star"
Vuille, Charles 1989 "Dynamics of Thin Walls in Space-Times with Stress-Energy"
Whitlock, Laura 1989 Co-Chair: Robert Wilson "Long-term Oberservations of Three Massive X-Ray Binary Transients: 4U0115+63, V0332+53, and GX301-2"

ISLER, Ralph

Bates, Harry 1969 "Noncollinear Phase Matching Effects in Uniaxial Crystals"
Burnham, Ralph 1972 "Measurement of the Radiative Lifetimes of the V=1 and V=2 Levels of the A State of Carbon Monoxide"
McMillan, Robert 1974 "Optical and Paramagnetic Resonance Absorption Spectra of Chromium in Yttrium Aluminum Garnet"
Murray, Lambert 1977 "Optical Studies of Ion-Molecule Collisions: N2+ + O2"
Nathan, Richard 1971 "Optical Excitation from Low Energy He+ + H2 and H2 + He Collisions"
Wells, Williams 1969 "Level-Crossing Spectroscopy of Diatomic Molecules: Application to an Excited State of Carbon Monoxide"


O'Neil, Eric 2000 "Hamiltonian structure and stability of relativistic gravitational theories"
Pogorelov, Ilya 2001 "Phase space transport and the continuum limit in nonlinear Hamiltonians systems"
Willmes, David 1995 "The effect of noise in chaotic galactic potentials"


Lee, James 1994 "The Complex Langevin Equation"
Little, Jeffrey Scott 2007 "Quantization of Constraints Using the Projection Operator Formalism"
Tome, Wolfgang 1995 "Quantization and Representation Independent Propagators"
Rubin, Andrew 1998 "The comparative roles of connected and disconnected trajectories in the evaluation of the semiclassical coherent-state propagator"
Watson, Glenn 2008 "Affine Quantization of Metric Variables"
Tulsian, Gajendra 1995 "Bicoherent States and Path Integrals for Systems with First-Class Constraints"
Zhu, Cheng-Jun 1994 "Singular Dynamics in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory"


Ackley, Kendall (Co-Chair) 2017 "A Realistic End-To-End Analysis: an Optimized Procedure for Finding Elusive Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Events"
Pankow, Chris 2011 Co-Chair: Guenekah Mitselmakher "Search for Gravitational Waves from Intermediate Mass Black Hole Binaries"
Tiwari, Vaibhav 2015 "Search for Gravitational Waves from Eccentric Binary Black Holes"


Manescu, Cornelius 2004 "Controlling and Probing Atoms and Molecules with Ultrafast Laser Pulses"


Low, Jia Fu 2015 "Higgs Searches with Bottom Quarks and Invisible Particles"
Lungu, Gheorghe 2007 "Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in the All Hadronic Channel at the Tevatron "
Necula, Valentin 2006 (Co-Chair) “Search for Heavy Resonances Decaying into tt Pairs”
Oksuzian, Yuri 2009 "Search for Resonant Production of Top Antitop Pairs Decaying into Multi-Jets at the Collider Detector at Fermilab"
Tsybychev, Dimitri 2004 (Co-Chair) "Search for First-Generation Leptoquarks in the Jets and Missing Transverse Energy Toplogy in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at Center-of-Mass Energy 1.96 TeV"


Drozdetskiy, Alexey 2007 (Co-Chair) "Standard Model Higgs Boson Discovery Potential in the Decay Channel H -> ZZ(*) -> 4 mu with the CMS Detector"
Jindariani, Sergo 2007 "Fragmentation of Jets Produced in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at a Center-of-Mass Energy 1.96 TeV"
Pinera, Lester 2008 "Measurement of Event Shapes in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at Sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV"
Pronko, Alexandre 2005 "Fragmentation of Quark and Gluon Jets in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at Center-of-Mass Energy of 1.8 TeV"
Rinkevicius, Aurelijus 2014 (Co-Chair) "An Observation of a Higgs Boson in the H to ZZ to Four Leptons Decay Channel and the Studies of Its Spin-Parity Properties" Safonov, Alexei 2001 "Jet fragmentation and predictions of the resummed perturbative QCD"
Skhirtladze, Nikoloz 2013 "Searching for Supersymmetry with Tri-Leptons and Missing Transverse Energy Using the CMS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider"
Snowball, Matt 2014 (Co-Chair) "Observation of a Higgs Boson in the H-->ZZ-->4l Decay Channel and Using Z—>4l Decays as a Calibration Tool in Studies of the Higgs Boson Properties"


Pizzo, Joseph 1964 Co-Chair: Arthur Broyles "Contributions to the Einstein-Kursunoglu Field Equations"

KUMAR, Pradeep

Patamia, Steven 2001 "Spectrum and properties of mesoscopic surface-coupled phonons in rectangular wires"
Phillpot, Simon 1985 "Adiabatic Nonlinear Dynamics in Models of Quasi-One-Dimensional Conjugate Polymers"


Lamborn, Bjorn 1962 "Interaction in Beam-Plasma Systems"

LEBO, George

Krausche, Dolores 1975 "High Resolution Spectral Analyses of the Jovian Decametric Radiation"

LEE, Yoonseok

Bhupathi, Pradeep 2009 "Construction of an Ultralow Temperature Cryostat and Transverse Acoustic Spectroscopy in Superfluid Helium-3 in Compressed Aerogels"
Choi, Hyunchang 2007 "Acoustic Study of Disordered Liquid 3He in High-Porosity Silica Aerogel"
Gonzalez, Miguel 2012 "Development and Application of MEMS Devices for the Study of Liquid He-3"
Moon, Byoung Hee 2010 "Study on the effects of anisotropic disorder on superfluid 3He in high porosity aerogel using longitudinal ultrasound"
Zheng, Pan 2016 "Study of Normal and Superfluid 3He Films with Micro-electro-mechanical Devices"
Zou, Jie 2012 Co-Chair: HoBun Chan "Detecting Classical and Quantum Fluctuations with Microelectromechanical Systems"

LOWDIN, Per-Olov

Collins, Thomas 1964 "A Study of the Coefficients of the Spin Permutation Operators in the Effective Spin Hamiltonian"
Gay, Jackson 1963 "Lower Bounds to the Eigenvalues of Hamiltonians by Intermediate

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