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Carver, Matt 2016 "A Search for New Physics Using Same-Sign Di-Lepton Events from Proton-Proton Collisions in the CMS Detector at a Center-of-Mass Energy of 13 TeV"
Gartner, Joseph 2011 "The Study of the Z Boson Transverse Momentum Spectrum Recorded by the Compact Muon Solenoid From 2010 Large Hadron Collider Data"
Hugon, Justin 2015 "A Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to Muons in LHC Data with the CMS Experiment"
Scurlock, Bobby 2006 “Compact Muon Solenoid Discovery Potential for the Minimal Supergravity Model of Supersymmetry in Single Muon Events with Jets and Large Missing Transverse Energy in Proton-Proton Collisions at Center-of-Mass Energy 14 TEV”
Kotov, Khristian 2010 "A comprehensive study of perturbative and non-perturbative quantum chromodynamics in measurements of the underlying event and the transverse momentum of the Z boson with the CMS detector at the LHC"
Tsybychev, Dimitri 2004 Co-Chair: Jacobo Konigsberg "Search for First-Generation Leptoquarks in the Jets and Missing Transverse Energy Toplogy in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at Center-of-Mass Energy 1.96 TeV"

ADAMS, Dwight

Britton, Charles 1977 "Nuclear magnetism of solid-helium three
Castles, Stephen 1973 "Specific heat of solid helium"
Heberlein, David 1969 "Thermal Expansion and Isothermal Compressibility of Solid Nitrogen and Methane"
Kummer, Raymond 1975 "Effects of a magnetic field on nuclear spin ordering in solid 3He
Lang, Tien Vu 1996 "Direct nuclear demagnetization of high density body-centered-cubic (BCC) and hexagonial-close-packed (HCP) solid 3He"
Matsunaga, Naoki 2000 "Magnetic Susceptibility and Pressure Measurements in Helium-Three Nano-Clusters"
Menard, Albert 1974 "The Thermodynamic Pressure in Superfluid Helium and its Implications for the Phonon Dispersion Curve"
Mueller, Robert 1976 "Nuclear magnetic resonance in flowing superfluid 3He-A"
Ni, Wenhai 1994 "Melting pressure thermometry and magnetically order solid 3He"
Panczyk, Michael 1968 "Nuclear Exchange Energy and Isotopic Phase Separation in Solid Helium"
Philp, Joseph 1969 "Thermal Expansion in CUK2Cl4 2H2O Near the Curie Temperature"
Tang, Yi Hua 1987 "Magnetic ordering of bcc solid 3He at melting pressure"
Scribner, Richard 1968 "The Melting Curve and Related Thermodynamic Properties of He3 Below 1 Degree Kelvin"
Straty, Gerald 1966 "Thermodynamic Properties of Solid Helium"
Titus, James 1973 Co-Chair: Joseph Rosenshein "The Vortex Ring Creation Process in He II"

ALLEN, Kenneth

Powell, John 1972 "Energy Transport in the Three-Dimensional, Harmonic, Isotopically Disordered Crystal"


Pietri, Richard 2001 "Magnetism and the kondo effect in cerium heavy-fermion compounds cerium-aluminum-3 and cerium-lead-3"
Rotundu, Costel 2007 "Novel Heavy Fermion Behavior in Praseodymium-Based Materials: Experimental Study of PrOs4Sb12"

ANDREW, Raymond

Brey, William 1994 "Novel Techniques for Pulsed Field Gradient NMR Measurements"
Duensing, George 1994 "Signal-to-Noise Ratio Improvement in NMR via Reciever Hardware Optimization"
Mao, Jintong 1987 "Selective Radio Frequency Pulses by Optimal Control"
Yang, Lei 1999 Co-Chair: Thomas Mareci "Diffusion Tensor Imaging and the Measurement of Diffusion Tensors in Biological Systems"


Watson, Harry 1962 "An Experimental Study of the Interaction of Plasmons and Fast Electrons in Metals"


Snowball, Matt 2014 Co-Chair: Andrey Korytov "Observation of a Higgs Boson in the H-->ZZ-->4l Decay Channel and Using Z—>4l Decays as a Calibration Tool in Studies of the Higgs Boson Properties"
Pi, Haifeng 2005 “Reconstruction of Missing Transverse Energy and Prospect of Searching for Higgs Boson Produced via Vector Boson Fusion in Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment”
Rodriguez, Jorge 1995 "Exclusive Two Body Decays of the Bottom Meson"
Schmitt, Michael 2010 "Measurement of the Charge Ratio of Atmospheric Muons at the Compact Muon Solenoid in Events with Momenta Between 5 GeV/c and 1 TeV/c"

BAILEY, Thomas

Austin, Terry 1973 "Low-Energy Scattering of He++ by Neon, Argon, and Krypton"
Budzynski, Timothy 1973 "Kinematic Studies Of Charge Transfer in Collisions Between Rare Gas Ions and Diatomic Molecules"
Champion, Roy 1966 "Collision-induced dissociation of D2 ions by argon and nitrogen"
Doverspike, Lynn 1966 "Energetic and angular studies on N2D and ArD formation"
Herrero, Federico 1968 "Differential Elastic Ion-Atom Scattering at Low Energies"
Ioup, George 1968 Co-Chair: B. Thomas "Analysis of Low Energy Atomic and Molecular Collisions: Semiclassical Elastic Scattering Calculations and Deconvolution of Data"
Martin, John 1967 "Experimental Investigations of Negative Ion Collisions: Electron Detachment and Ion-Molecule Reactions"
Mullen, Joseph 1972 Co-Chair: Billy Thomas "Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Low-Energy Molecular Collision Phenomena"
Rayborn, Grayson 1969 "Experimental Studies of Charge Transfer Collisions"

BALLARD, Stanley

Browder, James 1967 "Studies of the Thermal Expansion of Optical Materials at Low Temperatures"
Ebersole, John 1974 "An Investigation of the Linear Electro-Optic Effect of Epitaxial Zinc Sulfide Films for Integrated Optics"
Haigh, Paul 1961 Co-Chair: Thomas Scott "Nuclear Resonance in Liquid and Solid Nitrogen"
McMahan, William 1966 "Investigation of the Scattering of Laser Light by a Plasma"
Streete, John 1967 "Atmospheric Attenuation of Electromagnetic Radiation in the Infrared Spectral Region"

BEDNAREK, Alexander

McWaters, Marcus 1966 "Cohomology for normal spaces"


Morrow, John 1934 "The Dielectric Constant of Benzene"


Henderson, Thomas 2004 "Short-Range Correlation in Molecular Physics: The Basis Set Problem and the Correlation Hole"


Dhakal, Tara 2008 "Manipulating the Magnetic Domains of Hole-Doped Manganites by Using Electric Field"
Grant, Daniel 2015 "Effect of Electric Field and Strain on the Magnetic Properties of Phase Separated Manganites"
Jeen, Hyoung Jeen 2011 "Magnetoelectric Effects in Manganites"
Kwak, In Hae 2016 "Phase Separation in Strained La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Thin Films"
Timmerwilke, John 2013 "Point Contact Studies of Iron Based Superconductors"
Wu, Yuning 2012 (Co-Chair) "First-Principles Simulations in Multiple Dimensions: Nano-Particles, Surface, and Bulk"
Yun, Sung Hee 2008 "Effect of Disorder in Cuprates and Manganites"

BLUE, Richard

Keyser, Ronald 1970 "A Study of Oxygen-17 Via Helium-3 Bombardment of Carbon-14"
Prior, Richard 1968 "Polarization of Protons Elastically Scattered from Light Nuclei"
Ramirez, Juan 1970 "States in Nitrogen-15 Between 12 MeV and 14 MeV Excitation Energy"


Crowley, Michael 1982 "Quantum Effects in Isotopically Mixed Crystals of Hydrogen Chloride and Deuterium Chloride in the Ferroelectric Phase"
Li, Funming 1979 "Nuclear Resonance of O17 in Liquid and Solid Carbon Monoxide"


Becker, Michael 1967 "A Variational Approach to the Ground State Energy of the Electron Gas"
Burdick, Stephen 1980 "Metallic Hydrogen--A Two-Body Approach to Band Theory and a Quatum Mechanical Test of Diophantine Methods"
Carley, David 1963 "Radial Distribution Function of and Electron Gas"
Dulock, Victor 1964 "A Study of Accidental Degeneracy in Hamiltonian Mechanics"
Dunn, Tucson 1966 "An Approximation to the Electron Gas Slater Sum in the Form of a Boltzman Factor Involving Pair-Potentials"
Jaen, Jang 1966 "The WKB Approximation for the Quantum Radial Distribution Function"
Khan, Ashfaq 1963 "A Comparison of the Radial Distribution Functions of Fluid Argon Computed with the Percus-Yevick and CHNC Inegral Equations using (1) the Guggenheim McGlashan and (2) the Leenard-Jones Potentials"
Kin-Chue 1974 "Integral Equations and Distribution Functions for Hyperdense Plasmas and a Local Exchange-Correlation Approximation for Many-Electron Systems"
Lado, Fred 1964 "New Methods of Computing Radial Distribution Functions of Fluids"
Lee, Joon 1966 "A Product-Pair Ground State Wave Function for He4"
Lowther, Rex 1980 "Monte Carlo Calculation of the Born-Oppenheimer Potential Between Two Helium Atoms"
McEnnan, James 1970 "A Dispersion Theory of the Lamb Shift"
Mendez-Placido, Ruben 1988 "An Approximate Vertex Amplitude from the Schwinger-Dyson Equations of Quantum Electrodynamics"
Pokrant, Marvin 1970 "Ionization Curves for Hydrogen"
Sahlin, Henry 1963 "A collective coordinate approach to the radial distribution function"
Samec, Augustine 1970 "Computing Radial Distribution Functions with Bridge Diagrams"
Shin, Hyun-Joon 1973 "Properties of Liquid Sodium at High Temperatures"
Smith, Earl 1966 Co-Chair: Charles Hooper "A Relaxation Theory of Spectral Line Broadening in Plasmas"
Spring, John 1971 "Correlation Energy of the Electron Gas"
Stevens, Forest 1973 "Variational Calculation of Electron Gas Correlation Energy"


Pesnell, William 1983 "Thermal Effects in Stellar Pulsations"

CARR, Thomas

Brown, George 1970 "Long Baseline Interferometry of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation"
Desch, Michael 1976 "Groundbased and Spacecraft Studies of Jupiter at Decameter and Hectometer Wavelengths"
Donivan, Frank 1970 "Radio Investigations of Clusters of Galaxies"
Gulkis, Samuel 1965 "A theoretical model for the emission of the decametric radiation from Jupiter"
Kennedy, David 1969 "Polarization of the Decametric Radiation from Jupiter"
Lynch, Michel 1972 "Observations of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation with a Very-Long Baseline Interferometer"
Paul, Madhabendra 1969 "Waveform and Source-Size Studies of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation"
Tiberi, Carmen 1966 "Observations of Jupiter at 430 MC/S"

CHAN, Ho Bun

Bao, Yiliang 2011 "The Casimir Force on Nanostructured Surfaces: Geometry and Finite Conductivity Effects"
Marcet, Zsolt 2012 (Co-Chair) "Resonant Excitation of Metallic Structures by Incident Electromagnetic Waves"
Ninios, Konstantinos 2011 (Co-Chair) "Development of micromechanical magnetometers for measuring magnetization at high magnetic fields and low temperatures"
Stambaugh, Corey 2009 "Fluctuation Phenomenon in a Nonlinear Microelectromechanical Oscillator"
Zou, Jie 2012 (Co-Chair) "Detecting Classical and Quantum Fluctuations with Microelectromechanical Systems"

CHEN, Kwan-Yu

Bloomer, Raymond 1973 "Photoelectric Investigations of AA Ceti and UZ Puppis"
Endal, Andrew 1974 "The Advanced Evolution of a 15 Solar Mass Star"
Mullen, Elisabeth 1974 "The Formation of a Contact Binary Star System"
Parise, Ronald 1979 "A Detailed Investigation of the MgII k Line in Beta Persei"
West, Jon 1979 "Evolution of Pre-Main-Sequence Binary Star Systems"
Williamson, Richard 1972 "Photoelectric Study of EE Aquarii and AE Phoenicis"

CHENG, Hai-Ping

Billman, Chris 2017 "Atomistic and Electronic Modeling of Oxides"
Cao, Chao 2008 "First-Principles and Multi-Scale Modeling of Nano-Scale Systems"
Chen, Yun-Wen 2010 "An Ab Initio Study of Alpha-Quartz (0001) Surface and Water-Silica Interface Interaction"
Chu, Iek-Heng 2014 "Computational Studies of Excited States and Electron Transfer in Nanoscale Materials"
Du, Maohua 2003 "Theoretical Modeling and Design of Complex Materials"
Hamdan, Rashid 2014 "Numerical Study of The Mechanical Loss in Amorphous Oxides"
Hembree, Robert 2014 Co-Chair: David Micha "Photoconductivity at Nanostructured Semiconductor Surfaces: A Density Matrix Approach"
Kemper, Lex 2010 "Computational studies of strongly correlated electronic systems"
Li, Xiangguo 2014 "Magnetism and Electron Transport at Nano Scale"
Mirshamsi, Sahar 2014 "Water Confinement in Nano-Pores and Its Transport Properties"
Srivastava, Manoj 2012 "First-Principles Electronic Structure and Transport Calculations in Materials with Defects and Impurities"
Trinastic, Jonathan 2015 "Electronic Structure, Transport, and Relaxation Dynamics in Nanoscale Materials" Wang, Linlin 2004 "A Computational Study of Surface Adsorption and Desorption"
Wu, Yuning 2012 "First-Principles Simulations in Multiple Dimensions: Nano-Particles, Surface, and Bulk"
Zhang, Chun 2004 "Transport Properties at Nano Scales via First Principles Studies"


Averill, Frank 1971 "Calculation of the Total Energy of Cesium as a Function of Lattice Constant"


Li, Choy 1975 "Hellmann-Feynman Forces and Dipole Moments using Multiple-Scattering X Alpha Wavefunctions for Diatomic Molecules"
Ringers, Douglas 1973 "A "First Principles" Calculation of the Heisenberg Exchange Integral and Crystal Field Parameter for Nickel Oxide"
Snow, Edward 1973 "Total Energy as a Function of Lattice Parameter for Copper Using the Self-Consistent APW Method"


Shi, Qingbiao 1994 Chair: Andrew Cumming "The Kinetics of Surface-Mediated Phase Seperation in the Quasi-Binary Mixture of Guaiacol-Glycerol-Water"


Baker, Brian 2002 "Variational Principles in General Relativity"
Blackburn, James 1990 Co-Chair: James Ipser "The Spiralling Binary Systems of Black Holes"
Kim, Dong-Hoon 2005 "Radiation Reaction in Curved Spacetime"
Messaritaki, Eirini 2003 "Radiation Reaction on Moving Particles in General Relativity"
Vega, Michael Ian 2009 "The Dynamics of Point Particles around Black Holes"


Dasbiswas, Kinjal 2012 "The role of defects in novel superfluid phenomena, mainly supersolid helium and cold gases"
Goswami, Debajit 2011 "Role of Defects in the Supersolid Phenomena"
Klironomos, Alexios 2003 "Structural Transitions of the Vortex Lattice in Anisotropic Superconductors and Fingering Instability of Electron Droplets in an Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field"
Klironomos, Filippos 2005 "Tunneling between Two Dimensional Electron Systems in a High Magnetic Field and Crystalline Phases of a Two Dimensional Electron System in a Magnetic Field"
Yoo, Chi-Deuk 2009 "Phenomenology of Supersolids"


Baskaran, Aparna 2006 “Statistical Mechanics and Linear Response for a Granular Fluid”
Boercker, David 1978 "Quantum kinetic theory of time correlation functions"
Dutta, Sandipan 2013 "Classical Representation of Quantum Systems at Equilibrium"
Garland, Gregory 1984 "First Density Correction to the Transport Coefficients for a Square Well Gas: Temperature Dependence and Bound State Effects"
Kim, Chang 1989 "Boundary Value Problems in Nonequilibrium Fluids"
Lee, Mirim 1997 "Uniform shear flow far from equilibrium"
Lutsko, James 1986 "Nonequilibrium fluctuations and transport in sheared fluids"
Mallik, Aditi 2005 "Multi-Scale Modeling of Solids as a Composite of Quantum Mechanical (QM) and Classical Mechanical (CM) Domains"
Marchetti, Maria 1982 "Fluctuations in Systems Far from Equilibrium"
Wrighton, Jeffrey 2004 "Charge Correlation Effects in the Broadening of Spectral Lines from Highly Charged Radiators"

DUNNAM, Francis Eugene

Clarke, Richard 1971 "Radiative Alpha Capture in 32S, 34S, and 23Na"
Haskins, Penelope 1984 "Nuclear Spectroscopy Studies of SR"
Huang, Ming 1988

EMCH, Gerard

Da Silva, Rica 1988 "Classical Dynamics in Curved Space Dynamical Groups, C.C.R. and Geometric Quantization"

FIELD, Richard

Cruz, Albert 2005 "Using Max/Min Transverse Regions to Study the Underlying Event in Run2 at the Tevatron"
Group, Robert 2006 Co-Chair, Konstantin Matchev “Measurement of the Inclusive Jet Cross Section Using the Midpoint Algorithm in Run II at the Collidor Detector at Fermilab (CDF)”
Haas, Richard 2001 "The underlying event in hard scattering collisions of proton and antiproton at 1.8 TEV"
Kanev, Youli 1998 "Application of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms in High Energy Physics"
Kar, Deepak 2008 "Using Drell-Yan to Probe the Underlying Event in Run II at Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF)"
Rank, Doug 2016 "A study of the Underlying Event at 13 TeV using the leading track"
Tayebnejad, Mohammad 1997 "Application of Neural Networks in High Energy Physics"
Zakaria, Mohammed 2013 "Measurement of the Underlying Event Activity in Proton Proton Collisions at the LHC using the Leading Tracks"


Dunnill, William 1965 "Ion beam-plasma interactions"
Eoff, Kay 1964 "Townsend's First Ionization Coefficient in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields"
Jones, Mark 1953 "Biophysical Aspects of Plant Tissue Cultures"
Kendall, Harry 1961 "A Study of the Time Lag of Gas Breakdown in Reversed Electric

Nolan, Stanley 1962 "Discharge Time Lags in the Magnetic Field"

FRY, Jim

Agarwal, Nimit 2013 "Helium Segregation and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations"
Balaraman, Anand 2007 "Cell Count Moments in the Halo Model"
Cooney, James 2004 "Rotational Velocities in Large Scale Structure"
Hill, Andrew 2011 "Effects of Helium Recombination in the Early Universe"
Jones, Michael 1997 "Large-Scale Structure of the Universe: Simulation and Statistics"
Siegel, Ethan 2006 “Cosmological Perturbations and Their Effects on the Universe: from Inflation to Acceleration”
Ruamsuwan, Laddawan 1991 "Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Nonlinear Gravitational Clustering"


Fisher, Matt 2014 "Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to a Bottom Quark Pair with the CMS Detector"
Kypreos, Nick 2013 "Search for Heavy Narrow Resonances Decaying to Dimuons with the CMS Detector"

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